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RUSH: John Kerry is taking credit for introducing Barack Obama to America. We have two audio sound bites. It’s number 26 and number 27 out there. I just told the engineer we’re going to start with number nine, and I just changed it on the fly. That’s why I have to give the numbers. I know the numbers mean nothing to you, but they do, of course, mean something to us. We have two sound bites of Kerry endorsing Obama. Here’s number one.

VIETNAM VETERAN JOHN KERRY: I was proud to help introduce Barack to the nation, when I asked him to speak to our national convention in 2004. Teresa and I were stirred by the way that he eloquently reminded us of — of the — the fact that our true genius is faith in simple dreams and insistence on small miracles, and we were all of us moved by the power of which he shattered the shallow stereotype, reminding people all across America — in the red states and the blue states — we also worship an awesome God.

RUSH: Holy, criminy! Where was this stuff, where was talk of God during his presidential campaign? At any rate, I didn’t know that Kerry introduced Obama to the nation. My memory is pretty good, but I don’t remember this. I just wonder: In the grand scheme of things, is this going to anger women that John Kerry is not endorsing Hillary? You know, Hillary’s been in the Senate longer than Obama. Don’t forget something I told you yesterday, folks — and I’m going to keep pounding this, and a lot of people sent me e-mails saying, ‘I don’t understand this, Rush. You’re always right, and you’ll probably be right on this, but I don’t get this now.’ Here’s the key. Everybody thinks, all of us — well, not me, but a lot of people — who are not Democrats have this attitude that Democrats are just awesomely powerful, never make a mistake, that they’re always strategically two or three weeks ahead of everybody else, that nothing that happens is an accident, that if something appears to be going bad for Democrats, it’s only because they want it to appear that way, that nothing bad ever really happens to them, that nothing devastating ever really happens to them.

This is because of 40 years of conditioning. Plus, you’ve got puff coverage from the Drive-Bys from all of these years about Democrats. They’re never held to any standards whatsoever, elected Democrats. The truth is that the Democrat Party right now is in chaos, and it’s in chaos precisely because they are scared to death that they are going to lose regardless who their nominee is. Who are the choices? You have to understand, now: I’m talking about Democrats and liberals here, folks, and this is the key to this. Democrats and liberals think that we, conservatives, are racists, sexists, and all those other things. In fact, it is they who are those things. It is liberals who look at a human and first notice a skin color, or gender; then they get into sexual orientation, then segment into all kinds of groups. This is the way they see people. They also use projection quite commonly and regularly, and so it is us, they think, who are racists and sexists. If you look at the Bush administration, you’ll find more blacks in position of power than have ever been in positions of power, appointed, by a president during Clinton, JFK, you name it.

All that’s ignored. Colin Powell, ignored. Condoleezza Rice, ignored. They’re just ‘sellouts.’ It is stunning. So given those realities of their attitude, they are flummoxed. They’ve got one of two people who is going to get the nomination: either a black guy or a white woman. They think that we will be able to exploit either one because we are expert racists, expert sexists, and they are wringing their hands in angst over how they can beat us back, once either of these two people are chosen as the nominee. And that’s the chaos… I’ve talked about this a lot before: They can’t really be honest about what they are for, or they don’t have a prayer. They have to mask it and camouflage it. But now their real fear is that they think we’re going to be able to beat either one of them, either with ‘sexism’ or ‘disguised racism.’ Meanwhile, it is Bill Clinton himself and a lot of other Democrats who are out there trying to destroy Obama with racism. There is Hillary saying that Obama’s not done the ‘spadework’ on foreign policy; Clinton calling Obama a ‘fairytale’ and a ‘kid.’ Martin Luther King meeting LBJ… Oh, that was Hillary, and a lot of liberals are rallying around Hillary on this comment.

‘Well, yeah, he can say he’s Martin Luther King, but Martin Luther King would have been nothing without a Democrat president, LBJ, who did the Civil Rights Act.’ The dirty little secret is, Civil Rights Act would have never been passed into law were it not for Republicans in the Senate. The greatest percentage of people in the Senate opposed to the Civil Rights Act were Democrats, among them the mentor of Bill Clinton: J. William Fulbright of Arkansas. They filibustered the damn thing! A bunch of white Democrat Southerners, racists, filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964. So while they practice all of this racism, and sexism… I mean, the Drive-By Media is a bunch of libs; look at the sexism they have aimed at Hillary. I mean you think it’s not sexism for Chris Matthews to say: ‘The only reason she got where she is because her husband messed around, let’s admit it. The only reason she’s senator is because her husband messed around.’ People feel sorry for her. In addition to being sorry, they think, well, good, she hung in there and it’s her turn now. She’s owed this, whatever. But because they think that way, they think everybody does.

They think we do. They don’t think they think that way while they’re thinking it, and they’re just sitting out there concerned as they can be about how we are going to be able to beat either one of these people (whispering) ‘because we are racists and sexists and bigots and homophobes and all these other things!’ So now you have Kerry endorsing Obama, and you’re going to have a lot of people on the Democrat side saying one of two things: ‘Would you shut up? You lost! This is not helping Obama, which means you’re actually trying to help Hillary. If you really wanted to help Obama, why wouldn’t you endorse him in New Hampshire? At least New Hampshire borders Massachusetts where you’re from; it might have had an impact. What the hell, you didn’t even contest South Carolina, Kerry,’ and he’s down there. He didn’t. You remember this? He wrote it off. He sent Edwards down there for a couple of appearances. He wrote it off. It was Kerry saying, ‘I don’t need southern states to become president,’ and he’s now living proof that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Here’s the second sound bite of his endorsement of Obama.

KERRY: There are other candidates in this race with whom I have worked, and who I respect.

RUSH: Who?

KERRY: They are terrific public servants.

RUSH: Who?

KERRY: And each of them could be president tomorrow, and each would fight to take this country in the right direction.

RUSH: Name names!

KERRY: But I believe that more than anyone else, Barack Obama can help our country turn the page and get America (cheering) moving by u-nit-ing and ending the division that we have faced.

RUSH: You know, I forget where I was reading this, this morning. It might have been American Thinker; I’m not sure. I’ll try to find it. Somebody has gone back and studied Obama’s speeches and examined previous speeches in American politics and has found an amazing similarity to Barack Obama in 2008 and Richard Nixon in 1968, in terms of the content of their speeches. The point of the research was to say there’s nothing new about this guy, nothing new about what Obama is saying, this theme of change and unifying America, and loftier visions and loftier goals, genius from JFK: ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for you.’ All these lofty things are nothing new whatsoever about Obama. But people want to think that there’s something new on the Democrat side, and so they are attaching to it. (interruption) Oh, people want to be inspired, but there’s no question they want leadership, and they want to be inspired, and Obama is doing it.

But the point is he’s not the first to come along and be able to do it, and yet he’s being hailed here, ‘This is revolutionary,’ or at least it’s JFK all over again, or Martin Luther King, whatever. But none of it is new, yet people’s memories are short, particularly young people who don’t have memories because they weren’t alive back in that era, and this is how politics sort of recycles itself. I have to laugh, folks. I watch these debates and I hear all this talk about change. Change what? I hear all this talk about getting the negative stuff out of politics. I’m 56. I’ve been hearing this for every year I can remember remembering it. There’s nothing new here, in terms of the way the Democrats are running their campaign, and that presents such a golden opportunity that’s being so missed by our guys on the right, because we can be inspirational, too, in a way that is substantive, based on the ideology of conservatism. We don’t have to fake it, but some of our guys — most of them — just haven’t figured it out.

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