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Rush’s Morning Update: Ever!
January 8, 2008

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In an interview with Fox News after the Hawkeye Cauci last week, I said that the barrage of gloomy economic “reporting” stems from a Drive-By Media bent for bad news. Though 94 percent are making their mortgage payments on time, the Drive-Bys give the impression that America is in a depression due to the 6 percent affected by sub-prime loans. I said that if a cure for cancer were found, the Drive-By Media would have one paragraph reporting the news– the rest of the article would warn of negative consequences. That brilliant analysis led one Democrat strategist to charge that I– El Rushbo– am too optimistic, and am out of touch with the struggles of Joe Sixpack.

Get this! Over the weekend appeared an article from the flagship Drive-By newspaper, the New York Times, headlined: “AIDS Patients Face Downside of Living Longer.” The article details the plight of a man diagnosed with AIDS almost 20 years ago, quote: “when the disease was a speedy death sentence and treatment a distant dream.” Thanks to medical breakthroughs– from Big Drug– the guy’s alive now. “But at what cost?” the Times asks. They bemoan the medical problems that come “with longevity.”

I kid you not, folks! That’s the message of the whole article:long-term AIDS survivorsdealing with the “bad news” of being alive.

Let this be yet another lesson to you liberals. When I tell you I know you like every square inch of my glorious naked body (and the rest of you, too), don’t doubt me. Ever!

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