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“McCain’s starting to look better to me than Huckabee, and that’s saying something.”

“Who is this campaign to be defining who is or who is not a conservative? I never heard of Huckabee in an important ideological way before this campaign got going.”

“It’s Open Line Friday. You know the drill by now. We go to the phones, and you can talk about whatever you want. Monday through Thursday, it’s not the case. But Friday it is. So you have questions, comments, complaints — if you want to whine like Mike Huckabee is whining — you want to moan, whatever, feel free.”

“What I learned during the Perot campaign was, you can’t talk cultists out of their cult. You just can’t. When their belief in something has nothing to do with substance or very little to do with understanding, when it’s based on other things, you can’t talk ’em out of it.”

“I just want all of you to know: I have nothing against Mike Huckabee personally other than he is for exercise, and I’m not.”

“The president is very powerful. These are very critical times in our history. If the candidate wants your vote, he has to earn it and convince you why he’s worthy of it.”

“I am a conservative first. I am not a Republican first. It matters.”

“When I raise questions about, say, about Governor Huckabee’s positions on illegal aliens, tax increases, the release of hundreds of criminals via pardon and his rhetoric about our war effort, sorry, I’m trying to develop an understanding of the guy so I can determine for myself whether he is in fact the kind of conservative you and me want as our president.”

“Any candidate who doesn’t want that debate and is trying to dumb down conservatism and attack those who raise questions about that debate, that’s a red flag to me.”

“Thanksgiving is one thing, and it’s great. Christmas, I always get more thankful at Christmas for some reason. It’s the greatest holiday.”

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