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RUSH: Now Mrs. Clinton. Her husband is out there saying that she is a ‘world-class genius.’ Let me ask some questions about this. As I mentioned in the first hour when discussing the Huckabee campaign, one of the things I like to do here is ask questions. Do world-class geniuses have forced, uncomfortable laughs when asked simple questions about their area of expertise? Do they have other people handle complex investment schemes like cattle futures? Are world-class geniuses the last people on the planet to realize that their spouses are world-class philanderers? And in terms of helping people — ‘I’ve been fighting for people for 35 years! I’ve been fighting for children for 35 years’ — whose philosophy is she borrowing? She’s borrowing the philosophy of Karl Marx, another alleged world-class genius. Her solution to ‘correcting’ free markets is to nationalize ’em. By the way, I finally saw that commercial. I saw the whole thing. We played 13 seconds of the sound bite, and just from the sound bite it sounds like she’s making fun of herself. She’s not! In that commercial, she is telling everybody right up front what she’s going to do. She’s going to give universal this and that.

She’s grabbing little things out of a Christmas basket there to distribute to people, and they’re all big-time government programs. It was not an attempt to be funny. World-class genius? To impose government control, she would seize the profits of oil companies. She would socialize medicine. She would not bring choice to a failing state-run education system. In fact, she would expand the failing system by imposing it on preschoolers. That’s what that TV commercial was about: universal pre-K! She apparently believes our soon-to-be interrupted Social Security shell game is one tax increase away from being fixed. Karl Marx, another alleged genius, was proven to be a world-class failure when it came to helping people. His ideas have brought misery, his ideas brought financial ruin and a significant loss of liberty and loss of life to hundreds of millions of people. Yet Mrs. Clinton’s a world-class genius emulating this? She doesn’t understand the flaw in this philosophy and the genius? You want to talk about genius? The Founding Fathers. If President Clinton were honest, he would give a lengthy speech on why Hillary is a world-class pain in the butt. If Hillary was as great as Bill’s been saying, why not spend more time with her? Why not spend the night together every now and then?

Merry Christmas, ladies and gentlemen, from all of us, the EIB Network and El Rushbo.


RUSH: Here’s another question for you: ‘Is America ready to watch an aging Bill Clinton running around with 18- and 19-year-old interns in a third term where he has actually not been on the ballot?’ I want to reiterate what I think is going on with this campaign. I don’t think any of this stuff is accidental, Clinton out there on the stump and trying to take all the attention away from Hillary. They know she can’t get elected on her own, and she’s gotta have him out there. This is really a referendum on him. He wants it to be a referendum on him, for his legacy, for everything else. He wants to be essentially the reason she is elected. That will validate him, in his mind, a lot of other people’s minds, and he gets a third term without it having officially been one. Of course, do we want, as Americans, to see an aging Bill Clinton with the Washington Post continuing to write stories about the ‘power crackling from his jeans,’ as they did during his first term?

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