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Rush’s Morning Update: Tour
December 20, 2007

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In 1999 Mrs. Bill Clinton, running for the Senate, promised to do three things for New York residents: fix health care,improve education,and provide economic development to upstate New York. She embarked on a “listening tour”to learn firsthand how to deliver on those promises.

Now, I have here, folks, in my nicotine-stained fingers, a news item from Reuters: Since 2000– the year thatMrs. Bill Clinton became Senator Clinton– upstate New York has lost one out of every five manufacturing jobs. And the declines are likely to continue in that sectoras far as the eye can see.

The problems in the economy of upstate New York are so bad that jobseekers are getting out;in Buffalo, over 34,000 households have departed– just, vamoose!– since Mrs. Clinton took over. In Rochester, jobs in the manufacturing sector fell by more than 30 percent. True, jobs in New York’s service sector have grown slightly,but Democrats always saythat only means the good, high-paying manufacturing jobs are being lost to “hamburger-flipper” jobs.

In another news story today, AP reports that New York farmers are experiencing hardships. Mrs. Clinton’s state lost 600 farms in 2005-2006 alone.

Now, remember, she promised to fix education in Arkansas. Instead, her programs drove that state’s performance to record lows. Now, in New York, her promise to fix the upstate economy have residents fleeing en masse.

I got a”tour” for you, folks. Travel the road of Mrs. Clinton’s so-called “experience”, and you’ll find a long and winding roadof failures. She cannot do anything right!

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