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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites. Let’s pick up here. We’ll start with number ten. The Meathead was on PBS — Rob Reiner — Tavis Smiley Show, and Tavis Smiley says, ‘So you’re supporting Hillary? But Algore, I’m told, was your first choice.’

THE MEATHEAD: I supported Algore during the 2000 election —


THE MEATHEAD: — and I’m very close friends with him election —


THE MEATHEAD: — and, you know, I waited to see what he was going to do, you know, quite frankly. I mean… You know, I’m very loyal to him, and I felt he, you know, didn’t get a good shake there in the 2000 race.

SMILEY: Mmm-hmm!

THE MEATHEAD: He won. They just didn’t let him govern.

RUSH: The Meathead is still whining about Florida 2000! The interview continued with this.

THE MEATHEAD: He can feel good about the win —


THE MEATHEAD: — but he didn’t get to govern —


THE MEATHEAD: — and unfortunate for the world that he didn’t.

SMILEY: (laughs) But he’s a Nobel laureate now.

THE MEATHEAD: Yes, he is.


THE MEATHEAD: That’s wonderful. And I looked at all the candidates, and I — I — eh — uh — not even a question for me. Hillary Clinton, of the three, of the three top ones that I was considering, eh, she’s the only one that had the real understanding of the three things that you really need. Unless you have the experience, you cannot make that change. You have to know how government works, and it is naive to say that you can go into Washington and not know —


THE MEATHEAD: — the mechanics and the inner workings of Washington in order to move an agenda forward. So that’s why I back Hillary.

RUSH: Remember what I’ve been trying to point out here for the last month or so? Ignorance is the single most expensive thing we pay for in this country, particularly when ignorance is disguised as educated and informed. This was pure… What would you call it? Talking points. It was nonsensical.

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