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RUSH: I’m sure you’ve heard about the little fire that took place in the Executive Office Building, OEO over across the street from the West Wing of the White House, the ceremonial office of the vice president — which I, of course, a powerful, influential member of the media, have seen on several occasions. It had some water damage and some smoke damage. The Drive-Bys… Some in the Drive-Bys actually think that Cheney might have started the fire to destroy more CIA tapes or other sensitive documents! From MSNBC this morning, the anchorette-info babe Contessa Brewer is talking to reporterette Kelly O’Donnell. Brewer said, ‘How much paperwork — how many files, important documents — might have been in that building?’

O’DONNELL: We’re talking about top-secret, highly classified documents that are in those offices. What’s important about this is that under the Presidential Records Act, all paperwork that emanates from the office of the president or vice president — and it’s known as the executive office of the president, all of that — must be preserved for legal reasons. Now, when any company has a fire, much less the White House, there’s always a problem about preserving documents. What’s lost? Can records be re-created? It will be an issue for them to explore.

RUSH: No, it will be an issue for YOU to explore, because… (laughing) Note the suspicion. Can’t you just see Cheney in there with a book of matches, you know, at the fireplace? He’s reading documents. ‘Yeah, let’s destroy these, and make it look like there was a fire!’ Yeah, I could understand it. These guys, it’s the way they think.

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