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RUSH: ‘Living in severely disadvantaged neighborhoods has a profound and lasting negative impact on children’s verbal language skills, according to research published today.’ (New Castrati impression), ”This is important,” Mr. Limbaugh, ”because language skills are a proven indicator of success later in life,’ said study investigator Robert J. Sampson of Harvard… ‘What is surprising,’ he added, ‘is the durability of the effect, continuing even when the child moves out of the neighborhood,’ he added. The study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science Early Edition. … Sampson and colleagues focused their analyses on the 772 African-American children in the study because, they explain, almost one third of the black children were exposed to high ‘concentrated disadvantage’ compared to virtually no white or Latino children. The results showed that, by the end of the study, black children who lived in a disadvantaged neighborhood had fallen behind otherwise identical peers who did not live in these areas by about four points on an IQ test — the equivalent of missing 1 year of school.’ So disadvantaged kids may be disadvantaged, and they have poor verbal skills. By the way, obviously these are blue state results, so you’d have to say this is ‘blue state blues,’ but I’ll tell you, there’s some accuracy to this, because I have always said this.

Countless people constantly ask, ‘Mr. Limbaugh, how? What should I first do? I want to get in the radio like you. I want to be just like you in radio. What should I do?’ and they all think I’m going to say study up on politics.


‘Learn to speak the language.’ The more you can speak the language, the better, the more confidently and more powerfully you can speak the language and write the language, the more you will fool people into thinking you’re smart. These guys are right about this. It does connote the perception of intelligence and IQ. The greater your vocabulary, the greater your ability to use it, the greater your ability to communicate and express yourself — exactly what you mean — in as few words as possible is a very, very powerful thing, because most people are not able to do that as well as they would like, and if you do, you’re able to, it will — ah, I’m joking, ‘make people think you’re smarter than you are.’ It will be an accurate portrayal of your IQ and your thirst for knowledge, your curiosity and quest. But it’s a great skill to have, and it’s something that’s crucially important to practically anything. That’s why the English-only argument is a serious one, when discussing: ‘What do you need for success in this country?’ You need the language. You need to be able to speak it, articulate it, write it, you need a large vocabulary, as large as you can get, and you need to be fluent in it, and be able to say what you mean, when you mean it. Don’t say what you don’t mean — unless you’re tweaking the Drive-By Media like me, but that’s an advanced lesson. We’re just talking about the basics at this point.


RUSH: I want to go back to this story about: ‘Living in severely disadvantaged neighborhoods [having] a profound and lasting negative impact on children’s verbal language skills, according to research published today.’ There is a presidential candidate on the Democrat side, Mrs. Clinton, who claims that this is what she’s been accomplishing: ‘fighting for our kids,’ and she’s been doing this ‘for 35 years,’ ever since she met Marion Wright Edelman and joined the Children’s Defense Fund, which was supposed to make sure that disadvantaged kids got out of those circumstances and became advantaged, at least had the disadvantages taken away. But now look! We’ve got surveys and research paper after research paper decrying the decrepit conditions of the very schools where these disadvantaged children have supposedly been helped for 35 years by Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Edelman and all the others who claim that they have at the top of their agenda list, getting it right for our kids. And yet nothing gets done; nothing gets accomplished. You see, with Mrs. Clinton, we’re never supposed to analyze the results of any her claims or the facts behind them.

No, no, no, no, no! Like everything else about liberals, we are to examine only their good intentions. When Mrs. Clinton says, ‘I have been fighting for 35 years,’ we’re supposed to say, ‘Oh, wow! Okay. Well, that’s good enough for me. She’s qualified, because she’s been ‘fighting,’ because she cares.’ Has she done anything? This is the salient point. What has she accomplished? Where is the track record? It simply isn’t there, and it isn’t there in practically every other social area of concern where liberals have been paramountly in control in formulating policy, coming up with the, quote, unquote, ‘funding.’ You notice nothing ever gets fixed? We have to come back and alter the program or create a whole new redundant program with new funding to help those who somehow ‘fell through the cracks,’ when in fact they’re all falling through the cracks. In fact, there’s no floor. Everybody’s in a quagmire trying to get out, but all these liberals led by Mrs. Clinton are trying to help, have been fighting for them for 35 years. Diddly-squat is getting done.

The people that are getting out of these circumstances, it’s happening with their churches; it’s happening with their families. It’s happening with themselves. There is success story, after success story, after success story of people who have grown up in these circumstances — I don’t care what race we’re talking about — and they have escaped, and they’ve done it on their own. They had a great mentor. They had a couple of great teachers. It wasn’t anybody from the federal government they cite, and it certainly wasn’t a federal program. For all the children Mrs. Clinton’s ‘helped,’ I never heard one adult who was a child when Mrs. Clinton started helping them, ‘Yep, Mrs. Clinton saved my life! Mrs. Clinton got me out of the mired quicksand I was in.’ I never heard one person give her credit for it, but she gives herself all the credit. Yet people, they are the true role models, these people that escaped their circumstances — they and their mentors, they and their people, they and their teachers, families, whatever. That’s the way out of this, the most efficient way.

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