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RUSH: Dennis in Glenrock, Wyoming, you’re first on the phones today. It’s great to have you with us, and welcome.

CALLER: Well, thank you. This is an honor for me.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’m a first-time caller. I’m a dittohead. I’m a Hannity & Colmes, Fox listener. I’m a free thinker, and I am totally outraged. I’ve already called my senators. This budget bill that got passed in the House, these people who tell me they’re for the little guy when the Woodstock museum is still in this turkey, and we can’t spend one nickel for our troops? This is a total outrage.

RUSH: Wait, now. (sigh) There’s a little different take on this, because The Politico is reporting: ‘Liberals lose big Time in Budget Battle.’ Here’s how it starts: ‘This much is clear: Democrats in Congress buckled under pressure from the White House to hold spending near the administration’s specified limit, and they’re poised to give the president more war money with no strings attached. But the buckling didn’t stop there. Democratic policy priorities that liberals hoped would be included … were also left on the cutting-room floor. Under a veto threat, Democrats removed the reversal of a long-standing anti-abortion provision, abandoned long-sought provisions that would have loosened travel and trade restrictions on Cuba and deleted a line item demanded by unions that would have required federal contractors to pay union wages in disaster areas like New Orleans.’ From the early looks at it, the Democrats, once again, totally ‘caved.’ Now, there is $10 million in emergency funding for attorneys for illegal immigrants in the bill. We’ll see what happens. I’m going to look up that Woodstock business, and find out if that’s true.

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