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RUSH: Since the beginning of the program, I’m trying to stop this program from being ‘all Clinton, all the time.’ It’s hard not to. The Drive-Bys are so obsessed with how she’s doing as her husband won’t shut up. The guy is out there… I don’t know if you heard this. Bill Clinton said the first thing Hillary would do — he said the first thing she would do after being elected — would be send him and Bush’s dad around the world to repair the damage that Bush’s presidency has caused to make us loved again and say, ‘America is open for business again.’ Now, two things. If I’m a feminazi, I gotta get a little bit mad that here’s Hillary, she’s going to be the president, theoretically, and her husband is already telling her what the first thing she’s going to do is? Huh-uh. Second thing is, do you actually think Bush 41 would sign up for this — and in doing so, tacitly admit that his son’s presidency has been a failure as defined by the Clintons? (Clinton impression) ‘Oh, yeah, Bush 41 and I, we’ve been good buds. I gave him the bed on that airplane when we went over to fight the tsunami stuff, and, I’ll tell you what, he’ll do what I want ’cause we have FBI files. Ha-ha-ha-ha.’ So anyway, Clinton’s also out there saying…weird stuff. Here he is this morning, CNN live, Suzanne Malveaux, and she says to him, ‘Some of the comments you made about Barack Obama, you said that in 1988 about yourself. You said you weren’t ready to be president. Are you trying to say Obama isn’t ready, either?’

BILL CLINTON: No, I’m trying to say that I agree with what the Des Moines Register said that she — Hillary has the best record, the policy of change making in other people’s lives, and I think it’s important, and I think that’s why they endorsed her. That’s what I was trying to say. I think… I bragged on all of them: Senator Obama, Senator Edwards, all of them. I like ’em. I think she has the best record of making change in other people’s lives and the most different circumstances —

RUSH: Oh, balderdash! Crock.

CLINTON: — next president.

RUSH: You know why he didn’t run in 1988? They couldn’t control the ‘bimbo eruptions.’ It took ’em until 1992. I’m not making this up. It took ’em ’til 1992 to be able to control the bimbo eruptions, put the unit in place. If he had run in 1988, they wouldn’t have had the machine in place to deal with all of it — and I’m not the one asserting this. You can find this on a number of blogs, Drive-By Media stories today. This business of ‘Oh, yeah! I’ve been talking to ’em all.’ Yeah, like Barack selling drugs! Hillary’s campaign guy is out there saying that Obama might even be a drug dealer, cocaine! Bob Kerrey out there saying (summarized), ‘Oh, yeah, he even went to a madrassa. He’s a Muslim. I think it’s a great thing’ — and they say is saying great things about Obama.


RUSH: Now, listen to this sound bite. This is Mrs. Clinton. She has been programmed to insist that she is the ‘change’ candidate. This is a 33-second sound bite. She uses the word ‘change’ seven times. But that was yesterday. Today, the campaign has shifted from ‘change,’ because I guess of internal polling data, to the fact that she’s ‘likable,’ but here first: 33 seconds, the word ‘change’ seven times.

HILLARY: Everybody talks about change in this election. People have different ideas about how to bring about change. Some people believe you can get change by demanding it, and some people believe you can get change by hoping for it. Well, I believe the way you get change is by working hard for it: persistence, perseverance, even some perspiration. That is how you change lives; you change institutions. That is what I’ve done my whole life. That is what I will do as your president, because I intend to give America a new beginning.

RUSH: Notice the softer attempt here at being likable, at the same time talking about ‘change.’ What does she say here? ‘It’s how you change lives, change institutions. It’s what I’ve done my whole life.’ Yeah, you made ’em worse or failed, in which case the nation benefited, as in health care. We had the story earlier about all the horrible learning and English problems there are in poor schools, poor neighborhoods. Mrs. Clinton has been ‘fighting for 35 years for the children,’ has been fighting for change. Nothing ever gets done and nobody asks her, ‘What did you change?’ Of course, you’re not supposed to ask that question because the results don’t matter. It’s the intentions that count. But now, ‘change’ is out the window, and it’s sort of interesting to me, as I watch all this, the entire Hillary campaign is now on likability mode. Not issues, no ideas, just these platitudinous phrases: ‘I’m going to bring change. I’ve been working hard to change things for 35 years. I haven’t been able to change my husband, but cut me some slack. I’ve been changing everything else. I’ve been trying to! Change, change, change.’ Now, no issues, not ideas, not the greatness of America, not freedoms, not the future of the country. No, the Clinton campaign is totally oriented to getting people to think that Hillary is not the cold stone person that we all know she is.

That is the mode of operandi that the campaign is in today, and it will change tomorrow if this is deemed not to be working. Now, the Washington Times has a report today of a Rasmussen poll. ‘Forty percent of Americans say they would vote to keep Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton from winning the presidency, more than twice the total for their No. 2 ‘anti-‘ pick,’ which happens to be Rudy. ‘In a new Fox 5-The Washington Times-Rasmussen Reports survey, 64 percent of Republicans, 42 percent of third-party or independent voters, and 17 percent of Democrats said the candidate they most want to keep from the White House is Mrs. Clinton.’ Seventeen percent of Democrats! ”Hillary Clinton is better known than any [other] presidential candidate on either side. She has a lot of people who love her and a lot of people who hate her,’ said Scott Rasmussen, who conducted the poll. … Mr. Rasmussen said the rest of the field is steadily catching up to Mrs. Clinton when voters are asked in other polls whether they support or oppose a particular candidate, rather than asked whom they most oppose among all the candidates. By that measure, each of the candidates is now opposed by at least 30 percent and most now draw more than 40 percent opposition, he said.’

But when you ask it by name, Hillary runs away with it. She leads in the anti-vote. Her negatives are pretty high. It’s going to be interesting to see. That’s polarization. We in talk radio like that kind of number, but presidential candidates do not get elected with numbers like that. Moving on to the audio sound bites, this is Bob Kerrey. I mentioned this a moment ago. He signed on the Clinton campaign. He’s a former senator from Nebraska. He was on The Situation Room, John King filling in for Wolf Blitzed, and King says, ‘Let me go through what you said specifically in a quote to the Washington Post, and I want to ask you why. First, let’s hear what you said. You said, ‘It’s probably not something that appeals to him, but I like the fact that his name is Barack Hussein Obama and that his father was a Muslim and that his paternal grandmother is a Muslim. There’s billion people on the planet that are Muslims, and I think that experience is a big deal.’ So some would say this is cynical, Senator Kerrey, a new Hillary Clinton supporter doing this to try to stir this Muslim stuff up again about Barack?’

KERREY: I’m a little reluctant to go into it because we’re supposed to be talking about Senator Clinton. (nervous laugh) There is a smear campaign going on, and people, uh, acting as if he’s, um, an Islamic Manchurian candidate. And I feel that it’s actually a substantial Christian. He is a Christian. Both he and his family are Christians. They’ve chosen Christianity, but that connection to Indonesia and a — and a — a billion Muslims on this Earth I think is a real strength and adds an awful lot of value in — in his foreign policy efforts.

RUSH: Yada, yada, yada. You can say all that, but there’s a smear campaign. ‘[P]eople act like it’s as if he’s an Islamic Manchurian candidate. Who, Senator Kerrey, is acting like that? Who’s out there saying it except a bunch of wacko freak lunatics on the Democrat side and maybe somewhere else? He just put it in the presidential campaign! He just put it in the campaign. So King says, ‘Well, you have to know when you’re about to say something like that, that somebody’s going to twist it, especially in this age of the Internet and blogs. Did you think about that before you talked about it, or is it Bob Kerrey saying, ‘This is what I think and I’m going to say it?”

KERREY: It’s something I’ve spoken about before, so this is not something that came out of the head berth out there in Iowa. I thought before it a great deal. Uh, I’ve watched the blogs try to say that, uh, you can’t trust him because he spent a little bit is a secular madrassa.

RUSH: (laughing)

KERREY: I feel quite the opposite. I think it’s a tremendous strength. Uh, um… Whether he’s in the United States Senate or whether he’s in the White House, I think it’s a tremendous asset.

RUSH: (laughter) These people… It’s like Billy Shaheen resigns for suggesting that Obama might have been a drug dealer, and then Clinton’s guy, Mark Penn, goes on TV that night and brings the stuff back up again, in saying how horrible it was. So here, in two sound bites n less than a minute, we got he’s a Muslim, his grandmother was a Muslim, and he went to a madrassa. His middle name is Hussein, and I think, by the way, as a Clinton supporter, he’d be great anywhere. Yeah! (laughter)


RUSH: Let’s see, President Bush 41 has denied that he has spoken to President Clinton or Mrs. Clinton about this round the world rehab trip for the United States of America. He said, ‘I don’t know what he’s talking about. I’m very proud of our foreign policy.’ I knew he wouldn’t! He’s not going to renounce his son’s own presidency by signing up with the Clintons to go on this round the world tour to supposedly make the world love us again. Now, will Clinton be held accountable for this? This was all over the CNN blogs. It’s been all over the Drive-By Media. He said, ‘Yeah, the first thing Hillary is going to do is send me and President Bush around the world to do all this good stuff and make the world love us again, because President Bush has so damaged our reputation.’ He didn’t talk to Bush 41 about it. Now, the Drive-Bys, they gotta go ask him, ‘President Clinton, what were you talking about?’ (Clinton impression) ‘Well, you know, I got a little bit ahead of myself. We’re good buddies, Bush 41 and I, and I should have talked to him. I was gonna suggest that to him. I would have done it in private, but, you know, it’s really pressure packed out here on the campaign trail,’ and they’ll give him a pass on it.

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