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RUSH: Did you hear what happened at the global warming thing in Bali? Oh! This is just too good, folks. From the UK Daily Mail. ‘Floods of Tears as Climate Change ‘Hard Man’ Breaks Down at Summit — ‘He is known as the ‘hard man’ of climate-change negotiation. But after 12 exhausting days of trying to reach a worldwide agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it was suddenly all too much for Yvo de Boer. As the 200-nation Bali conference wrangled over a minor procedural matter, the Dutch diplomat in charge of the talks burst into tears and had to be led away by colleagues. Moments…’ Yes, it’s true, Mr. Snerdley. ‘Moments earlier, Mr. de Boer had been warning delegates that failure to reach an agreement on global warming could ‘plunge the world into conflict.” Then the ChiComs got up and said, ‘Western countries should do more to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, accused UN negotiators of ignoring conference protocol. Mr. de Boer, distinctively dressed in a floral shirt, stepped up to the microphone to defend his staff — only to find that the words would no longer come.’ He broke down in tears and had to be escorted away, because the conference was going to fail! This is sick.


RUSH: Seriously, folks, does it not sort of confirm what I told you about these global warming people? They’re sick. They’ve got so much invested in this that’s personal. I know they’re a bunch of socialists and a bunch of libs, and they’re trying to control and they’re trying to fleece Western democracies with the Bali conference and all. But for the guy to stand up there — the guy that’s been the bulwark on all this, the Dutch guy, Yvo de Boer — to start crying when the ChiComs start questioning the way the place is being run, to not be composed? You know, when all else fails, you cry. We all who have been married know that. When all else fails, you cry. (crying) ‘Oh-ho-ho! He must really care so much. Look at Yvo de Boer. He can’t even continue, he so cares about this stuff,’ and it may be true. It may be the guy is so invested in having meaning in his life that he’s gotten so caught up in the pathology of all of this that he must have really thought big things were going to come out of this. Big things did not come out of this. Despite what the media is saying, big things did not come out of the Bali conference. They tried to make it look like the US has totally caved on things. All they’ve agreed to do is meet again down the road for some new guidelines.

But this was supposed to be the last chance! Bali was the last chance to save Mother Earf! — and they didn’t save it, and they didn’t do anything other than agree to get together to come up with some guidelines down the road plus Yvo de Boer broke down in tears. Do you know that as we speak today — as we speak, at this moment — just about 60%, six zero (that’s over half, for those of you in Rio Linda), just over 60% of the US is now under a cover of snow and ice? You would think that pushing an extremist view of global warming would be a tough sell at this time. Craig James, a meteorologist writing at WoodTV, says, ‘[W]here did the UN decide to hold its latest climate conference? Not at the headquarters in New York City but in a very warm location just south of the Equator on the Indonesian Island of Bali. While at that conference, the UN Secretary General … received a letter from 100 of the world’s prominent scientists. Apparently the media in Canada and Great Brittan [sic] have found this a significant enough event to give it plenty of coverage but I’ll bet you haven’t heard about this in the US media.’

Sixty percent of the United States is under snow and ice! There’s also a story here that a couple of scientists would not rely on satellite pictures and so forth. You know, the global Arctic ice supposedly melted faster this year than ever before, and they say at Bali that by 2012, during summertime, there will be no ice at the North Pole. Yet the ice has re-melted at a record clip, and the ice cover at the North Pole, where ‘Sandy’ Claus lives, is now equal to what it normally is in February. So a couple of scientists decided, to hell with these photos and satellite. We’re going to go up there, we’re going to inspect, and they had to give it up after two days because temperatures were below 100 degrees below zero, and they had to give it up because they were getting frostbite and they were about to die — as they’re investigating global warming. Sixty percent of the United States under the cover of ice and snow right now, and this is the time they try to run around and attempt to convince everybody that global warming is taking place.

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