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RUSH: We’ll start in San Francisco today with Barbara. Glad you called. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Happy holidays, Rush.

RUSH: Same to you.

CALLER: You know, at the beginning of the hour you were talking about the news media whining about, you know, the persons who were hurt the most are women and minorities —

RUSH: Right. Exactly.

CALLER: — and whatever.

RUSH: And the poor, yeah, the poor.

CALLER: Oh, the, of course, poor. Of course. Over here, if you’re a minority or you’re poor, we’re not going to help you. We’re just going to whine about it — and the media, that’s all they talk about is: ‘We’re hurting everybody.’ Well, the truth is, why don’t they get off their ass and go and do something?

RUSH: I love that attitude… Because the left in this country has done such a great job of making victims out of every minority and even some majorities like women. In numerical terms, women are a majority, and yet they’re victims.

CALLER: You know what, everybody that I know that has a job, any kind of a job, they’re doing okay. So who’s getting hurt? I don’t see anybody getting hurt that has a job.

RUSH: No, but they get caught up in the media narrative of all this stuff, and they read the stories or see them on television, and even though they know that they’re doing okay, they’re made to worry that their neighbors aren’t doing well — and then they feel guilty and then they believe that things are in turmoil over the state of the economy, even though their own personal experience is as you cite.

CALLER: Just take one homeless person and help ’em. Just go out and help ’em.


CALLER: But nobody’s going to do that. They’ll run you over in a crosswalk, though.

RUSH: Oh, no! You can’t help ’em. They’re supposed to stay homeless because they are props for the Democrats in the presidential campaign.

CALLER: Yeah, you need the butts in the seats.

RUSH: That’s right. (laughing) I like this attitude, though. ‘Why not just get up and do something?’ and, by the way, Barbara, I can tell you what the reaction of some of the audience is, because we’ve got a lot of libs and ‘progressives’ in this audience, and they hear you say that, just like when I used to say, ‘Well, why don’t we teach them to work, get them a job?’

‘Oh! Easy for you to say!’ as though that’s cruel, as though that’s inhumane.

We should acknowledge their circumstance and understand that there’s a reason for it, and that is the United States of America and its inherent unfairness of the capitalistic system. So all of this misery, all this poverty (so-called), and all the homelessness fits right into the media narrative that this country is unjust and unfair. So any example of it that they can cite, they will. Ergo: Christmas season slower than usual, online and brick and mortar, and, of course, the poor hardest hit. Of course, the poor are always going to be hardest hit by virtually everything, but the poor in this country have it far better off than the poor, average poor anywhere else in the world.

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