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RUSH: Los Angeles, this is Bill. You’re next. I’m sorry. It is Bill. Welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: I just wonder why you think it’s an unfair advantage for the Democrats to flood caucus areas in order to vote; the Republicans have the same opportunity. You said that the Clintons just can’t help but cheat.

RUSH: I was talking about the fact they’re flooding the state with 150,000 operatives on cauci day.


RUSH: The Republicans, about 65 or 70,000.

CALLER: So it’s an unfair advantage.

RUSH: We know the Democrats cheat! We know that voter fraud exists on the Democrat side. We know it does.

CALLER: Well, two hours ago you didn’t have a problem with our sports entertainers having an unfair advantage by using steroids, so big deal.

RUSH: I did not say that. I was asking people to think about things. You know what I hate, and this is two out of the three calls, I’m getting knee-jerk reactions. Ignorance is the most expensive thing we pay for. I am trying to inspire thought. You’re being contentious with me for no reason. I’m trying to inspire people to think. I want them to come to their own conclusions, not mine. When they start thinking, they will conclude as I do. When people are knee-jerk and react on biases and prejudice, they will not come to the conclusions that I come to. I was not advocating steroid use. I was simply trying to draw analogies to people who say that it’s cheating and that it’s enhancement. In the entertainment business, why don’t we hold everybody else to the same standard? Plus, parts of this whole thing that rub me the wrong way with the way it’s being handled, Congress being involved. This whole report is the result of Congress. This is another major business in America trying to keep Congress off its back, an inept Congress which is now seeking to attack the government of Iraq as being unqualified or incompetent or whatever. The government in Iraq is far more competent, getting much more done than the Democrat Party is getting done.

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