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RUSH: This baseball business. There are a lot of names on here, and I gotta tell you, it’s interesting to me because while this steroid use has been growing, or reportedly growing, and the sports Drive-Bys are trying to make just pure hell out of this situation, they’ve largely aimed it at Barry Bonds, who is, obviously, on the list. What you have now, you have so many players on this list, that you’re not just talking about individual asterisks, you have to talk about team asterisks — if this is what you want. If you want an asterisk beside every achievement, now you’re going to have to start asterisking teams and whether they won a game, where’s this going to stop? George Mitchell is the guy that did this report, some 600 pages, been laboring on it for a number of years. The players union is so powerful that a number of them would not speak to him. He does not represent any legal authority. This is the thing to keep in mind. This is typical of what happens. You have Congress that calls those players up there for that hearing we all remember, McGwire who is on the list, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro is on the list, and, of course, you had all these congressmen up there demanding action, demanding to know what was going on, clean up the game, and da-da-da-da, just like they cleaned up the lending process.

They forced lenders to qualify people who were not qualified. Now they act as spectators while they write a new law to punish the very people they ordered to do what they did, the lenders. So, anyway, you got the same situation, you have Congress meddling in things because they can’t get anything else done, showboating, and so this report is largely done to get Congress off of baseball’s back. But this apparently is so widespread, plus you’re going to have the players, they’re going to deny it. Remember, this testimony did not come in a court. So you got these trainers who are the witnesses here. Well, maybe you got a couple pharmacies in Florida, doctors and so forth that are providing this information, but all the player has to do is deny it. “Well, yeah, yeah, but that’s before I knew how bad it was. I no longer use the stuff. I’ve ceased using.”


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