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Rush’s Morning Update: The Target
December 14, 2007

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Folks, let’s ponder the left’s treatment of Senator Barack Obamasince he announced for president.

First, Democrat Joe Biden expressed astonishment that he was “clean” and “articulate”– in contrast to other African-American candidates. Next, liberal Drive-By Media articles questioned whether Obama was “black enough”…or was he,to quote the LA Times,a “Magic Negro” appealing to guilty white voters?

But Senator Obama’s ability to raise funds and compete with the “inevitable” Hillary was unimpeded. So tactics shifted.

Mrs. Clinton berated him as “inexperienced” for saying he would talk to hostile countries. Weeks later, she adopted his exactposition. Her next attack was that Barack Obama coveted political power; he was too ambitious,he didn’t know his place. As proof, the Clinton machine dug up youthful Obama quotes — from kindergarten! –saying he wanted to be president one day. (Kindergarten essay!) Next came an attack on Barack’s integrity. Hillary Clinton– Queen of questionable financial deals– accused Obama of running a political “slush fund.” And after that, two Clinton volunteers got caught spreading false rumors that Barack was a covert Muslim with a hidden agenda.

Now Mrs. Clinton has been forced to apologizeafter her New Hampshire Hit Man said that doors are open to attack Obama’s drug use as a teenager –might have even been selling as a dealer.

Senator Obama: watch your back. And watch your front. And watch your sides. You, sir, are the targetof Clinton, Inc. They’re liberals, not conservatives — remember that.

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