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RUSH: Back to the audio sound bite roster. This is last night on NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams, Andrea Mitchell talking to Madam Albright, the former secretary of state for Clinton. And Albright said this about Hillary Clinton’s role in the Clinton administration.

ALBRIGHT: Our first lady is not a policy maker, and I don’t think she’s claiming that she was. But she was the human face of American, uh, diplomacy abroad.

MITCHELL: Most people thought you were the face of American foreign policy.

ALBRIGHT: Well, I was the secretary of state, and, uh, I care — I developed and carried out policy. She was the human face. We were partners.

RUSH: Give me a break! (laughing) Give me a break! Andrea, you better have a hiding place. You didn’t follow the script on this. ‘I thought you were the face of American foreign policy.’

‘Well, I was the secretary of state. (stammering) I developed and carried out policy. She was the human face. We were partners.’

Well, were you afraid to put your own face out there, Madam Albright? As I said yesterday, folks, you know where you can trace this implosion to Mrs. Clinton? I’ll tell you where you really trace it. You trace it to her snafu, her bumbling of the driver’s license question for illegal aliens, and then Clinton comes on board, and you can, on a calendar if you wanted to timeline this, chart her implosion, her fall to those two events: the driver’s license thing and Bill Clinton getting on board. Because the dirty little secret, the big myth is, he doesn’t help anybody. He goes out and endorses candidates, and they lose. Bill Clinton never got a majority of votes in this country either time he ran. He got 43 and 49%. He never got over 50%. The idea that these people are some juggernaut running around loved and adored by the whole country, is a myth, total myth. Now, Hillary has a new campaign ad, and it’s her mother Dorothy Rodham. If you have to have your mom go out and do a TV ad for you to basically say that you’re nice, you have problems. Here’s the audio from the ad.

RODHAM: What I would like people to know about Hillary is what a good person she is. She never was envious of anybody.

RUSH: Uch.

RUSH: She was helpful, and she’s continued that with her adult life, with helping other women. She has empathy for other people’s unfortunate circumstances. I’ve always admired that because that isn’t always true of people, and I think that she ought to be elected, even if she weren’t my daughter.

HILLARY: I’m Hillary Clinton, and I approved this message.

RUSH: Isn’t that what her husband says? (Clinton impression) ‘Yeah, I’d be voting for her even if I weren’t married to her.’ Ha. No comment on that. But, look, she’s a good person. Could we all take a time-out and bake some gingerbread cookies now, folks, and just have maybe some tea around the Christmas tree? She’s such a nice person, never envious of anybody! Pffft! That’s denying something you know is true because you know that’s what people think. Not only envious, but calculating. She can’t stop telling people how rich that she and her husband are. She’s always envied people who have money. That’s the first thing strikes me. Anyway, she’s gotta get her mother out there to say she’s a good person. That must mean that Clinton, Inc., has internal data, which suggests people don’t think she’s a nice person.

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