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RUSH: You know, Snerdley and I were talking here during the break at the top of the hour. We were examining this timeline with Obama and the attacks on him, and it really starts with Joe Biden. Remember when Joe Biden — and all these attacks, by the way, on Obama have come from liberals. Obama is the first top-tier black candidate for president, and it is liberals trying to destroy this guy, not just liberals in terms of his electoral opponents, but also the libs of the Drive-By Media. It starts with Joe Biden. ‘Ah, you know, it’s really good for our party. Obama, he’s clean, he’s articulate.’ This angered the Reverend Sharpton. Then after that we started getting some puff pieces on Obama, but after didn’t take long, because most of the Drive-Bys are for Hillary. So we’ve got some Washington, DC-New York Times puff pieces, and so then the rest of the Drive-Bys were in action, and this guy on the LA Times wrote the ‘Magic Negro’ piece saying that he’s a ‘Magic Negro’, and the guy that wrote the piece is also black. Yeah, he’s a ‘Magic Negro.’ But nobody knows what this guy stands for. You’ve got a bunch of guilty white liberals who say they’re supporting him without knowing what he stands for because it makes them feel better. It helps them assuage their guilt — and that led to numerous parodies that we did on this program.

There’s a whole list of things that Obama has been attacked for. He’s ‘not black enough.’ He’s not ‘authentic.’ He’s not ‘down for the struggle.’ Then it was inexperience. The Clinton camp came along and said, ‘He’s not experienced.’ The Clinton campaign said, ‘He’s too ambitious. Why, he wrote an essay in kindergarten saying he wanted to be president. He doesn’t know his place; it’s not his time yet.’ All this is being said by liberals about the first top-tier black presidential candidate in the Democrat Party. Then we had Mrs. Clinton’s campaign putting out the stuff: ‘He’s a Muslim! They sent e-mails in Iowa: he’s really a Muslim! He’s got a secret agenda to take over America for the Muslims, and then Hillary in her camp comes out and says (paraphrased): ‘He’s corrupt; he has a slush fund. And now he’s the drug dealer. Well, he must be a drug dealer, he’s black!’ All he’s ever said was, ‘Yeah, I experimented with some of this stuff when I was in high school, and I wasted a lot of time. Then the Clinton camp comes out with this Shaheen guy in New Hampshire, who says: He might have been selling drugs!

And then we had a campaign since this summer, under cover of darkness, behind the scenes. Clinton operatives are going to high-level Democrat donors who have signed up for Obama, ‘You know, his drug dealing stuff, his slush fund, he’s corrupt. You know, the Republicans are going to make hay of this stuff if he wins the nomination. We can’t afford this.’ So all of this stuff is said about Obama by blacks, by liberals, by Democrats, by the media. All I’ve ever said about Obama is he seems like a nice guy. He seems like a nice guy. He’s occasionally a little lifeless up there on stage, but he seems like a nice guy. So meanwhile, it is us, folks, who get tarred and feathered as the racists and the bigots and so forth. But look what the Democrat Party, led by Bill and Hillary, have tried to do to the first legitimate top-tier black presidential campaign. They have been the ones trying to destroy Barack Obama. Republicans haven’t gotten around to him yet. They’ve spent their time with Mrs. Clinton.


RUSH: Roger in Indiantown, Florida, I have about a minute here but I wanted to get to you.

CALLER: Major dittos to you, Rush, it’s such an honor to speak to you, you are America’s political prophet, and it’s an honor to speak to you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’ve been listening since ’92, my wife turned me on to you, and I didn’t even vote before you, so you educated me quite well.

RUSH: Appreciate that.

CALLER: I was just wondering, it seemed to be that the Drive-By Media have fallen out of love with the Clintons and that Obama is the new love child. I just wonder what your take on that would be.

RUSH: Obama the new love child of the Drive-Bys.

CALLER: It seems that way.

RUSH: (laughing) I’m just envisioning this. Love child, love child. Too soon to say. Too soon to say. I do think a portion of the Drive-Bys are starting to feel a little whory, they’ve been whores for the Clintons so long, and they don’t want to attack a black guy. Like I say, if she wins the nomination, it’s going to be a love fest all over again.


RUSH: To Bel Air, Maryland, next, this is Jim. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Fine, sir. Thanks very much.

CALLER: Good. Um, Rush, I really think it’s a real big issue here that you and conservatives like Ham– Hannity and other conservatives are attacking Hillary, uh, when you guys actually have a problem with Obama yourselves, but you don’t criticize Obama. Why is that? I mean, I think once Obama is defeated —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. Now, how can you…? I haven’t criticized? What do you mean my real problem is Obama but I’m attacking Hillary? What do you mean?

CALLER: Yeah, I mean, you don’t attack Obama currently, for anything that he does, but I think once Obama defeats — if he defeats — the Clinton political machine, as you say, then you guys will then step up your attacks on Obama. I think it’s real disingenuous that you guys would hide your true intent, uh, which is to have Obama do your dirty work for you, get rid of (crosstalk) for you.

RUSH: I don’t… Wait a second, Jim. I don’t let anybody do my dirty work for me. You should know that, after my kerfuffle with Senator Reid.


RUSH: I don’t let anybody do my dirty work. Look, if Obama happens to get the nomination, I’ll be very honest with you, I will oppose him. But, you know what? It will be on policy things. You’re not going to find me saying, ‘He’s selling drugs.’ You’re not going to find me saying, ‘He’s not black enough,’ while Mrs. Clinton is out there trying to ‘sound black’ to the Selma church audience. You’re not going to find me saying that he’s a ‘Magic Negro.’ You’re not going to find me saying any of that. It’s going to be on policy, because this election — I don’t care who their nominee is — is going to be about the future of the country. To us, on our side, that matters.

CALLER: Well, you implied earlier that, you know, Hillary hates black people because she criticizes Obama, and — and those are the type of things —

RUSH: I did no such thing.

CALLER: — you know, I just don’t think you do that. Well, you did kind of imply it.

RUSH: You inferred it. You inferred it, but I didn’t imply she hates black people.

CALLER: Well, you didn’t say it. Well, she criticizes Obama, well, therefore she’s the first one to attack, uh, uh, uh, Obama on the issue of black people.

RUSH: Look at the nature of the attacks. Look. Here’s my point. You missed it. You’ve got the Democrat Party, which has been long telling us that blacks don’t get enough of an equal opportunity in this country, that they’re always beaten back, that they’re discriminated against; they’re profiled and they’re victims of prejudice. So here you have the first top-tier black candidate for president on the Democrat side, and who is it that’s destroying him? It’s Mrs. Clinton: Oh, he’s black; he must be selling drugs! It was never a part of what he admitted to doing. He said he used them, experimentation, wasted a lot of time. Hillary’s right-hand man in New Hampshire is up, ‘He might be selling drugs. We’ve gotta be very careful.’ It ain’t me saying this, is all I’m telling you. I’m reporting it, but it isn’t me.

CALLER: Well — well, I asked… You know, this is obviously what’s in I guess the political campaigns of both parties, but why do you not attack Obama on policy issues? Why are you only attacking Hillary?

RUSH: I have. When he talks —

CALLER: For instance?

RUSH: I have. His health care plan. He hasn’t gotten very specific about many things.

CALLER: Why not criticize him on that?

RUSH: I called him ‘lifeless’ the other day! I did criticize him for standing aside and letting all these attacks hit him and not replying. You know, I was very critical. I gave him a little lesson. ‘Obama, you’ve gotta fire back on this slush fund stuff. ‘You telling me, Mrs. Clinton — you, with all the Chinese funny money and the money orders running in from a Chinese restaurant for your legal defense fund — that I have a slush fund?’

CALLER: Rush, my original intent here was that I think you want Obama to defeat Clinton and kind of — I know, sort of do you conservatives’ dirty work for you, and then go after Obama.

RUSH: I don’t want Mrs. Clinton anywhere near the White House. Well, that’s a news flash. Isn’t it?

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Of course I don’t want Mrs. Clinton anywhere near the White House! I don’t want any of the Democrats anywhere near the White House.

CALLER: Well, why don’t you attack all the Democrats as successfully as you do Hillary?

RUSH: I do! For crying out loud, where you been? What do you think we’ve been doing with John Edwards? The Breck Girl! I mean, there’s only three of them we’re talking about here, because only three of them have a chance, and really only two of those. Except, here’s one thing: The Edwards camp is putting something out — and this may make some sense. With all of this negativity that’s flowing around out there in Democrat early states, Iowa and New Hampshire, the Edwards camp says, ‘You know, we’re everybody’s second choice, and if these people go into the Hawkeye Cauci and they’re fed up with both, we’re right there.’ So let me ask you a quick question here, Jim, before you go.


RUSH: Why aren’t you defending Obama against these things? You call me and give me all kinds of grief here for not attacking Obama, only attacking Hillary — secretly, you know, holding my fire, keeping my powder dry. Why aren’t you defending Obama, calling up here? I mean you’ve got Hillary Clinton that’s trying to destroy this man’s character. Oh, let’s not forget, the e-mails in Iowa (whispering), ‘He’s a Muslim, and he’s going to take over the country!’ It ain’t me saying this, babe.

CALLER: Well, you know —

RUSH: Turtles, 1965.

CALLER: — I think Obama is able to defend himself. Like you said, I think he’s being very tactical.

RUSH: Wait a minute. You’re asking me to defend him. No, wait. You want me to attack him. Which is it? I’ve lost track now.

CALLER: I want you to equally attack Obama as you’re attacking Hillary. They both are the same in the polls, so why not attack them both equally?

RUSH: All right. (laughter)

CALLER: (laughter) That’s all I’m saying.

RUSH: (laughter) I appreciate that. Now the libs are upset I’m not attacking them all equally! You have to love this. (laughter) It’s Hillary doing the attacking, Jim! We’ve spent an hour and a half on this today. It’s Hillary doing it. You should be calling the Clinton campaign and saying, ‘Hey, why don’t you attack more than just Obama? Why don’t you go out there and attack the Breck Girl? There’s plenty of stuff for that.’

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