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RUSH: Barack Obama, you are being kneecapped! Folks, listen to this. Barack Obama, the presidential hopeful, has scheduled two highly anticipated rallies in Iowa tomorrow with The Oprah. It’s the double-O show, Obama and Oprah, but Dingy Harry — (laughing) — poor Obama, I’m starting to feel sorry for the guy. Dingy Harry said that ‘he may have to schedule a procedural vote Saturday on a major energy bill, one that would sharply increase the production of ethanol and biodiesel — an important industry in Iowa. Iowa holds its leadoff presidential caucuses on Jan. 3, and polls indicate a tight three-way contest.’ Obama is slightly ahead or within the margin of error. Reid’s office, Dingy Harry’s office, ‘told reporters Thursday that if votes were scheduled Saturday, they would happen midmorning. That would give Obama time to fly from Washington to Des Moines, where he was to appear with Oprah in the afternoon.’

Oprah’s got a jet, a fleet of them. That’s not the problem. The problem is the votes never happen when they say they’re going to happen. A midmorning vote will happen right when Obama’s supposed to be on stage with The Oprah, and he can’t miss this vote because it’s about ethanol, the stuff that’s important to Iowans. Do you think that the telephone in Dingy Harry’s office rang recently, and he picked it up, and on the other end he heard, (doing Bill Clinton impression) ‘Hey, Harry, how are you doing, buddy? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. I see you said you wanted to do some cartwheels down the center aisle there in the Senate. I got something better for you to do. You know we got this big Obama and Oprah thing coming up Saturday. The Energy Bill is far more important than that, and I think what you really ought to think about is it’s important for Iowans to make sure they know that ethanol and biodiesel programs are going to continue, and Hillary is firmly behind that, and she’s trying to stay vertical, she’s going to stay vertical on this, and I think you need as many Democrats in the Senate staying in there. I know that vote needs to happen on Saturday, Dingy Harry, you understand that? Does the name Bob Torricelli… you remember old Torch? Andrew Cuomo? I could not thank you enough. Look, you’ve been in a lot of trouble lately. Limbaugh made a fool of you. You can’t get anything done with Bush. This is a way to straighten this out. Schedule that vote for Saturday afternoon, Harry. Bye.’


RUSH: From Investor’s Business Daily: ‘Some Capitol Hill insiders think Reid himself may find his leadership challenged in the Senate over Peru by more ambitious Democrats in 2009 — including Barack Obama,’ who has let it known he might want to be Senate leader. Maybe Dingy Harry didn’t even need a phone call from Don Clintonleone.

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