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RUSH: Here’s Brian in Norfolk, Nebraska. Brian, glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir.

CALLER: Hi there, Rush. It’s an honor to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I have a question that’s kind of completely different than what you’ve been talking about, but I hope you’ll listen to me.

RUSH: By all means, sir.

CALLER: I wanted to talk about that big catastrophe in Omaha the other day in the mall, where the shooter went and shot all those people and — sorry, I’m a little nervous here. I’m shaking.

RUSH: That’s all right. (singing) Shakin’ All Over.

CALLER: (laughter) I just wondered what your thoughts were as far as should gun control or anything like that have been checked out or anything like that, or —

RUSH: What do you mean, should gun control have been checked out?

CALLER: Well, this kid had a lot of trouble, and —

RUSH: Didn’t he borrow the AK-47 from a stepfather?

CALLER: Something like that, yeah. Yeah, and just wondering if this kid should have even been allowed near a gun.

RUSH: Who was not going to allow him to be near a gun?

CALLER: That’s true. I guess more of what my question is, is should some of these guns even be allowed out there, those assault rifles and stuff?

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: I know the Second Amendment and all of that stuff, but —

RUSH: This comes up from time to time. I misunderstood what your question was going to be. I thought you were going to be afraid that there would be more calls for gun control here, rather than what you’re actually calling for is more strict gun control laws. That’s not the answer to this. We live in a nation of how many millions, and every now and then some wacko kid goes out with an AK-47 after watching a Matrix movie and starts blowing up some people in a high school. And it doesn’t happen very much. Well, that’s what Columbine was. (interruption) What are you freaking out for in there? I’m not blaming it on the Matrix, I’m blaming it on the kids, they go watch the movies, but it doesn’t happen that much and we react here. Here’s the real thing about this, if you look at this kid, everything that we’re being told about him, ‘Why, he was quiet, and he didn’t say anything, and everybody thought that he was just, you know, one of these guys that faded and lived in the background all the time,’ and that’s exactly what John Hinckley’s parents said about him.

These young kids that never get into trouble, that’s who you gotta keep your eye on. A kid that’s very quiet, don’t know what’s going on inside their head. I know he’d been in trouble with the law in prior circumstances, but it’s still always the quiet ones and the ones that are least suspected. Didn’t the kid say in his note, ‘Now I’ll be famous’? So there’s that aspect of this, too. We live in a 24/7 media culture. Your face, whatever it is, Spacebook, YouTube, people want fame, until they get it, and then they have no idea. But they think it’s fabulous. On the outside looking at fame, gotta be cool, get chicks, everybody knows who you are, some big aphrodisiac about that. But guns, this is not the way to go about this. Because, look, it’s a very simple argument. You can take guns out of the hands of every law-abiding citizen in the country, and you’re still not going to get ’em out of the hands of criminals. It’s just that simple.

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