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Rush’s Morning Update: Now What?
December 4, 2007

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California politicians grabbed the headlines for cobbling together a plan– the toughest in the country– to reduce emissions to 1990 levels for the sake of so-called global warming,but it turns out meeting those objectives is proving near impossible.

For one thing, California’s liberal-dominated legislature is still arguing over exactly what the 1990 levels were. And they’re still undecided about exactly who will be forced to cut their emissions, and how much emissions cutting thatthey’ll really have to do.

The state’s liberal lawmakers aren’t the only ones confounded –so are businesses. Throughout California, they’re trying to determine exactly how they’ll cut emissions from automobiles, factories, utilities, manufacturing plants, food processors, [and] other business operatorswithout plunging the state’s economy into total ruin.

Already warnings are coming from various industries that implementing these widely-touted laws will require cuts in production –which, if you can’t figure that out, means the loss of jobs.

There’s also this mitigating factor that doesn’t get enough attention;something I’ve been talking about for ages. Businesses in California– like the rest ofAmerica– are already “efficient” when it comes to controlling pollution; we’re making great strides cleaning up our messes. Thus these new standards are like trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip!

So,what now for California? Easy, folks:pain. Followed by…more pain.The chief byproduct of out-of-control liberal wacko-ism. (I just wish God would show up and tell these global warming people that they’re full of it!)

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