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RUSH: Ingrid in San Jose, California, welcome back to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Yes. Hi, Rush. It’s been a long time since I spoke to you.

RUSH: Yes, it has. Yes, it has.

CALLER: Yeah, I missed a year, and one of your producers called me and cursed at me with four-letter words. I thought I had gone to hell. But anyway, here I am and talking to you, and I’m surprised that you’re still in lockstep — step with everything this — this Republican administration is doing. You know, when they lost big in 2006, I saw a short clip with you on television, and you promised not to carry water for them anymore. What happened?

RUSH: I’m not carrying water for ’em.

CALLER: Well, that’s all you’re doing on your radio.

RUSH: No, I’m not. No, I’m not carrying water for anybody. I’m standing up for my country!

CALLER: Well, isn’t that what the Democrats are doing?


CALLER: They’re speaking the truth.

RUSH: The Democrats, whether they know it or not —

CALLER: They’re speaking the truth and —

RUSH: — they are trying to reshape and destroy this country —

CALLER: No, you —

RUSH: — and rebuild it in their own image. The Democrats, Ingrid —

CALLER: No, you guys have reshaped this country.

RUSH: This is going to not work.

CALLER: You guys have reshaped in this country in the last seven years.

RUSH: Because you will not listen, and nobody wants to hear what you have to say because —

CALLER: Listen!

RUSH: — I’m the host. I’m telling you, it is the —

CALLER: Listen.

RUSH: — Democrats that are bankrupting this country.

CALLER: Also — Also — No. No, no, no, no, no.

RUSH: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

CALLER: The Bush administration is doing it right now! Rush, listen.

RUSH: (sigh)

CALLER: The Republican South is the one that — that has the majority of these people.

RUSH: (mumbling out words)

CALLER: Yeah, you were saying that, you know, you were talking about the Democrats, look what they need.

RUSH: ‘Talking about the Democrats…’ I’m just reading along with you here.

CALLER: The Republicans in the South, the majority who live in the South.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, the racists! Those evangelicals, those people with the Confederate flags. I know who you mean.

CALLER: No, no, no, no, no. The ones that vote for the Bush administration.

RUSH: ‘The ones that vote for the Bush administration.’

CALLER: Yeah, the Republicans.

RUSH: What’s the difference in your mind?

CALLER: You know what?

RUSH: Did you submit a question via YouTube to the Democrat debate at CNN, by any chance?

CALLER: No, unfortunately, I didn’t, because, you know what? You guys don’t want to hear the other party because we’re just not even part of this country in your eyes.

RUSH: Ingrid, let me — Ingrid? Ingrid?

CALLER: You guys want one administration, one leader, one fuhrer.

RUSH: Ingrid?


RUSH: (sigh)

CALLER: You know I saw…

RUSH: Ingrid, you’re reminding me… You’re bringing up bad memories.

CALLER: Yeah, because I speak the truth —

RUSH: Ingrid? Ingrid?

CALLER: — and the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

RUSH: Ingrid, let me — Ingrid!

CALLER: The truth hurts!

RUSH: Ingrid? Ingrid? Ingrid?

CALLER: And I can’t believe you, as a grown-up man, are spreading these lies.

RUSH: Ingrid, you wouldn’t know the truth if it pulled your pants down and spanked you.

CALLER: Oh, my God. You guys are so —

RUSH: Which I am about to do here!

CALLER: You’re using fear —

RUSH: Well, not the pants business —

CALLER: — and everything else to —

RUSH: — but the spanking. It’s coming up.

CALLER: — keep the country just, you know, in lockstep with you again.

RUSH: Oh, come on. Nobody is in —

CALLER: And by the way —

RUSH: Ingrid? Don’t talk to me about lockstep, Ingrid. You are the ones that are in lockstep. You’re the ones that have convictions you don’t think about. You don’t think about anything. Everything done is… Ingrid, let me tell you what bothers me about you. It pains me, hurts my heart, breaks my heart that you’re so closed-minded. You are an American, and you are so filled with anger and so filled with rage. I’m not running the country. I don’t. Well, I’m running the country, but I’m not an official leader, and all you want to do is talk to me about… You come in, a typical liberal, and try to impugn my credibility on something. It’s only because I’m a threat to you. I really wish you’d open your eyes. I really wish you would join the rest of the people in this country reliving history and be happy, try to anyway. Try to realize the joys and the benefits, and just express some gratitude for the fact that you live in this country from wherever you came, instead of being so angry and upset all the time! It’s got to be devastating to you. It’s got to make your life ruinous, miserable, and unhappy. I really resent that when you’re all unhappy and miserable, you call here and take it out on me!

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