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RUSH: Did you see Hillary? No sooner does Barack Obama announce that The Oprah is going to hit the campaign trail than Barbra Streisand announces she’s going to go out for Hillary. Mrs. Clinton, I know you know Barbra Streisand. I know she’s actually not a friend of yours. You kicked her out of the White House once when she was in there when you were gone. Remember that? Barbra Streisand was in the White House overnight in the Lincoln Bedroom when Hillary was out on some junket somewhere. But it’s time to bury the hatchet on that because now Barbra Streisand is back as an endorser. Well, she may be a friend of yours, Mrs. Clinton, but she’s no The Oprah. In fact, ladies and gentlemen, I have a poll here, the latest poll of Democrats since Oprah and Streisand were announced. It’s an overnight flash poll. Check these numbers. Question: ‘Who would you rather have lunch with, Oprah or Barbra Streisand?’ Answer: Oprah 80%, Streisand 20%. Next question in the poll: ‘Who seems friendlier and nicer to you, Oprah or Streisand?’ It’s Oprah 80-to-20 again. ‘Whose book recommendation would you read, Oprah’s or Barbra Streisand?’ Oprah 94%, Streisand 6%. ‘Whose political endorsement would you more likely follow?’ Oprah, 60%, Streisand 10%. The other 30% laughed too long to offer an opinion.


RUSH: You know, yesterday on the Drudge Report, these two headlines consecutively listed are just a riot: ‘Clinton Relying on Elderly Women to Help Her Win Iowa.’ ‘Streisand Endorses.’ (laughter)

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