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RUSH: I really hope all of you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. I had a blowout Thanksgiving weekend. It was just a hoot. As you know, I guess the total number was about 55, 58 family. Well, a couple stragglers showed up, so it was close to 60. The first 11 got here last Monday, and then the rest of them showed up on Wednesday. So Wednesday night, I had a bunch of people over at the house for dinner. That went ’til like one o’clock in the morning. I got up Thursday morning with four or five of my cousins, went out and played golf. I came back, four o’clock, 75 people show up for Thanksgiving, and they’re there ’til midnight, one o’clock in the morning. I sorta took a little veg day on Friday, and then took ’em out to dinner on Friday night. Then Saturday, at noon, here came 55, 60 people over for a barbecue in the afternoon, and that was a hoot. We had all these kids in the swimming pool. Cookie dropped by. Cookie was in town and she dropped by, and she said, ‘Boy, this is so wonderful to see so many children — and in your pool.’

I said, ‘They’re not mine, and make sure you tell people that.’ (laughs) I’m just kidding. No, I’m not kidding. I did say that. But they were just having the time of their lives. It was just fabulous. I had to take a couple of breaks. I don’t know how many of you read The Great Gatsby, but Jay Gatsby in the book loved to throw huge parties and he’d stay in his house and watch from a little alcove, not actually participated in them. I had to take a break a couple times, so I’d go upstairs to the skybox — the little deck off the bathroom and I’d just look out and survey things and sit there with a cigar, what have you — and then I’d run back out and get involved in the activities for a while. But it went on all day long, and then Saturday night about seven o’clock, a whole new group of people, 35 or 40 people showed up for the MU-KU game, and that went ’til it was over, and then the group started leaving on Sunday. The last of them actually left the house at 5:30 for the airport. I’ve got a stack of bills to pay now — and not because of this. I’ve just been putting it off. They’re probably about a foot high. So that’s what I get to do when I get home this afternoon.

I want to get it done in time for the Steelers hosting the Miami Dolphins tonight on Monday Night Football. A definite no? It’s a trap game. I don’t know the outcome. They should have cleaned the clocks of the New York ‘Jits,’ as O.J. Simpson used to pronounce it when he worked at NBC, called them the ‘Jits.’ They should have creamed the Jets, and they got smoked, and this is a trap game, too. You’ve got an 0-10 team coming in. The next three games after this for the Steelers are not easy: Cincinnati, at New England, and then, I think it’s Baltimore, whatever, and then the next 15 days. So this is a trap game. This is one of those games you might look past because you’ve got more important — and you’re facing an 0-10 team. They haven’t won anything, but they play all four quarters. Like the Jets gave up on Thursday against the Cowboys. The Jets just phoned it in. The Dolphins are not going to phone it in. I want to get all this done so I can sit back and watch the Steelers and the Dolphins tonight on Monday Night Football.

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