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RUSH: Here’s to phones. We start with Denver, Colorado, today, on the EIB Network. Bill, nice to have you on the program. Welcome.

CALLER: Rush, how are you? I’m really upset about the hundred dollar-price of oil, and isn’t it about time we put enough pressure on Congress to approve offshore drilling and ANWR. We have so much oil, the oil could be so much less and we wouldn’t have to pay at this time.

RUSH: People have been trying to put pressure on Congress to drill for oil, and Democrats are not going to go for it. The Democrats are beholden to the environmentalist wackos, it’s going to take a price a little bit higher than this for that to happen.

CALLER: You think we have to suffer further, every time I — I drove across country this week, and, you know, paying three bucks on average in price, and it could be two dollars, that’s what it could be. We are so independent, I see people on TV, they’re talking about negotiating, they’re talking about joining with the global warming people and working out compromises, all this ten-year, 20-year stuff, and we have all the oil we need, we just — could we pull an immigration-type pressure and shut down the phones in Congress, or talk to them when they’re home at Thanksgiving?

RUSH: Well, those kind of things if they’re not — if they start artificially, they don’t work. Those cause-oriented things. Be patient. Things will work out. And they work out in their own time as they are meant to be.


Oh, no! It can’t be! It can’t be, ladies and gentlemen! Crude oil prices, they reached a record high this morning, and now they’re falling! Oh, no! Not on Thanksgiving! This can’t be! Why, do you know what this means? It means the crisis that we need with high oil prices and the four-dollar gasoline that we need to deal with high oil prices, so we’re eventually going to drill for our own. It will not happen. They must be listening to this program, folks. The speculators and OPEC must be listening to this program and we know that we have the ability to create a crisis, and they don’t want the crisis to hit. New Hampshire and Maine hardest hit by this, ladies and gentlemen.

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