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RUSH: I meant to mention this all day and I forgot it, a good friend of mine Pete Wehner, used to work at the White House, now at Commentary magazine, CommentaryMagazine.com. He wrote a piece with an associate, Yuval Levin, not related to F. Lee Levin, wrote a piece that appeared in Commentary, and it is just fabulous. It fits the theme that we’ve been talking about all day. The essay says it all: ‘Crime, Drugs, Welfare — and Other Good News.’ While everybody thinks the culture is falling apart, they’ve gone back 16, 20 years, looked at data, and found that it’s being put back together. There are a couple things that are not, but for the most part, drug use, random sex, crime, all these things are down, including divorce. I’m going to put a link to it at RushLimbaugh.com so that you can read it, because it’s exactly the kind of thing you need to have to counter all the pessimism that’s out there, particularly about the culture.

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