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RUSH: There’s actually great news out there, folks. I had this yesterday, and I didn’t have a chance to get to it. A major breakthrough in stem cell research could eliminate the need for human embryos. Now, that is something about which to really, really be thankful, because we’re not going to have to kill babies in the womb now for this research.


RUSH: ‘A major breakthrough in stem cell research, which could eliminate the need for human embryos was hailed as a means of ending an ethical dilemma, but researchers,’ who want the money from embryo supporters ‘cautioned against abandoning the study of embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stem cell research holds the promise,’ despite no evidence and no success in the research, ‘of curing diseases and even leading to organ transplants formed in petri dishes. But it is highly controversial because viable embryos must be destroyed to extract the stem cells and because cloning is often involved.’ Now, this is like this business with the UN and their inflated figures on worldwide AIDS cases, particularly here in the United States. It was all about getting money for research — and, of course, promoting a leftist agenda at the same time, because promoting Big Government to do the research and extort the money from people. So now the UN has been accused. ‘Hey, did you purposely inflate the numbers?’

‘No, we didn’t purposely inflate them.’

‘Okay, so then you’re incompetent.’

So see, there’s no way for the UN to win, either they purposely inflated the numbers, or they didn’t. If they did then they’re cheats, if they didn’t inflate the numbers, it just happened they’re incompetent. Yet these are the people that say they want to run global warming and fix the world and save it. Now the same thing is happening with this stem cell research. This breakthrough, which could eliminate the need for human embryos, has frightened researchers in the embryonic stem cell program because they need the money. They want the money to continue their research. They want the money, period! The research is simply a scam, and so they’re cautioning against abandoning the study of embryonic stem cells — which means, truth and fact, and good news, really have no impact on people. Believe me, embryonic stem cells is a political issue, and they have made it a political issue in campaigns, as you know. It is a left-right issue, just as global warming is.

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