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RUSH: Here’s Matt from Jacksonville, Florida. Hi, Matt. Glad you waited. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how you doing? Cornucopia of dittos to you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Sure. Hey, I wanted to ask your opinion, really, about this whole Clinton mess. Of course, I don’t want to make you blue or anything, but what’s your opinion on, since you’ve outed Hillary for a lot of the things that she’s done, and Bill also, and the driver’s license mess and everything, what do you think, if she doesn’t get the Democratic nomination, is that going to have a profound effect on the end of her term as Senator?

RUSH: Oh, would it impact her ability to be reelected —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — to the New York Senate? I think it would have to.

CALLER: Yeah, I would think so, too.

RUSH: She’s trying to run for president — (interruption) look, Snerdley is giving me this look like he can’t believe me. Look, you gotta put everything in context here. Here’s a woman, the candidate of inevitability, the nomination was hers, secured, fait accompli, matter of time. Then gets to the point where she doesn’t get the nomination, or gets it and loses the presidency, I’d say more likely it would have a negative impact if she didn’t get the nomination.

CALLER: I would think so. She would lose the Senate seat and probably Clinton, Inc., will start to go really downhill then.

RUSH: No, no, but there’s another alternative. There’s another possibility that you have to examine. And that is, okay, she loses, but how? How did the Republicans cheat it out of her?

CALLER: Right, victimize herself.

RUSH: Because everybody knew it was over before it began. She was the next president. She was the first female president, and we were going to get universal health care, and then here come the usual Republican dirty tricks, stealing votes, screwing voting machines, so forth. They could make her the biggest victim in the history of presidential politics, and she’d love to be it.

CALLER: And they’d blame it on you.

RUSH: She’d be senator for life.

CALLER: That’s right. I have one other comment about Hillary. You played a sound bite on Friday, and it seemed as though she denounced the gender card in the beginning, and by the end, replayed it, in order to erase it, but then again used it. She said that no, [paraphrasing] ‘I don’t think they’re picking on me because I’m a woman. They’re picking on me because I’m winning.’ And then she went through this whole thing to get rid of the woman card. And then at the very end, she says, [paraphrasing] ‘I’ll be proud to be America’s first woman president.’

RUSH: Right. Exactly. She’s also out there saying things like, ‘when I’m president again, we’re going to have…’ She said that a couple times, too, but another thing you gotta remember, liberals are rewarded for failure, because they are then the premiere victims. Look at Jimmy Carter, head of the class, absolute disaster as a president. But he’s up there at the top of the heap. Sandy Burglar, you name it. Failure is a résumé enhancement because the Dems don’t look at it as failure. They look at it as they got screwed and the poor candidate who got screwed deserves to be hoisted up and shown to be a great figure, and person, and so forth. That’s how they operate; that’s how they think.


RUSH: Here’s Westin in Erie, Pennsylvania. Nice to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Rush, my hero. How you doing today?

RUSH: Good, sir, thank you.

CALLER: I wanted to raise the issue of Hillary’s participation with her brother in providing pardons through Bill Clinton’s presidential office when he was getting ready to leave office.


RUSH: That was a nasty piece of business that she did, and her brother was getting paid, I think, a hundred grand for each pardon issued by Bill Clinton. My question to you is: that is such a serious occurrence — especially with the numbers — a convicted felon! Why has the media blitz on Hillary not picked up on this?

RUSH: They have.

CALLER: I think it’s a very important occurrence.

RUSH: They have. I don’t know about the media, but somebody’s brought it up because she’s answered it. We played the tape. She didn’t know anything about it.

CALLER: She knew nothing about the pardons?

RUSH: She knew nothing about it. Her husband handled the pardons. She knew nothing about them.

CALLER: How about her brother in the law firm provided his expertise in taking the hundred grand for these people to get pardons?

RUSH: She can’t be held accountable for her family. Everybody has a family and everybody has people and families that are doing things that they don’t want done.

CALLER: Who’s going to be president, then, Hillary or Bill?

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: That’s great I got you to crack up. I like that. (laughter)

RUSH: (laughter)

CALLER: We needed that today.

RUSH: Look, I’m glad you called, because I do have a pardon story here, though. But she has answered that question. I forget. It might have been back then. It might have been back then when somebody asked her. Maybe it hadn’t been brought up in the campaign, but she’s already answered, and she’s going to say, ‘I didn’t know anything about that.’ (interruption) It’s an answer! The Drive-Bys have accepted it, Mr. Snerdley. She passed the envelope from her to her husband, but she says she didn’t know what was in the envelope. It was a request for the pardons. She said she didn’t know what was in it. I remember this like it was yesterday. It is an answer! ‘I didn’t know.’ It’s just like, ‘I can’t remember. My mind’s Jell-O,’ before the grand jury. ‘I don’t know.’ Look, with the Clintons, ‘everybody’ lies about sex; ‘everybody’ plants questions at debates. Whatever they do that’s below the line, their answer is: Everybody does it. ‘Well, every president pardons people. I can’t be expected to know everything my husband is doing. You should know that by now,’ she said. ‘I don’t know everything he’s doing.’

Here’s the story about the pardons from ABC News’ The Blotter: ‘Three years after the William J. Clinton Presidential Library,’ and Massage Parlor, ‘opened its doors, the list of donors who helped the former president build his $165 million complex remains a secret from the public. Yet the Blotter on ABCNews.com has learned that the Clinton Foundation sold portions of the list through a data company headed by a longtime friend and donor. ‘The fact that they’ve sold the list and then turned around and said that these names must be kept anonymous completely undercuts their argument,’ said Sheila Krumholz of the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington, D.C.-based government watchdog group… An employee of Walter Karl, a subsidiary of the data company InfoUSA, told ABCNews.com that the company made a list of more than 38,000 donors to the Clinton presidential library available for sale to foundations and other nonprofit groups from June 2006 to May 2007. A spokesman for the company would not say how the profits from the sale of the partial list were distributed.’ Let me guess. You know, Info USA’s Vin Gupta is paying Clinton all this money, letting him fly around in his planes? This is who benefited from the sale of the donor list. They won’t go public with it, but they have sold it.

‘There is no legal requirement for presidential [massage parlors] to disclose the identities of their contributors. Donors, including corporations and foreign governments, can give unlimited amounts while the president is still sitting in office,’ for his massage parlor. ”This is one of the few places that remain under the veil of secrecy, and there is really no good reason for it,’ says Krumholz. ‘Disclosure is important because the money is often being raised while the president is in office, and in this case and with the Bush family, they can be given for currying favor with persons other than the president being honored.” You know, it’s a dirty little secret about who donates to presidential libraries. One of the largest donors happens to be the government of Saudi Arabia. It’s just what they do. It’s the cost of doing business for them, and it is key. They can donate to a president’s Library and Massage Parlor while he’s still in office. A related story from AP: ‘It’s unlikely that Arkansas papers on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s years as the state’s first lady will be released before the 2008 election, says the director of the Little Rock library that holds Bill Clinton’s gubernatorial files. Limited staff and delays in renovations for two new archives have prevented processing thousands of boxes of documents from the administrations of former Govs. Clinton and Mike Huckabee… The papers aren’t likely to include any bombshells about the former first lady, said Bobby Roberts…’ Let us be the judge of that, Bobby Bob! Oh, of course no bomb shells in there, says the guy who sees them. He’s the ‘director of the Central Arkansas Library System, which is storing the Clinton papers at its main library. At any rate, he doesn’t expect any state documents on Sen. Clinton to be released before the election.’ Well, of course not! Of course not. This much I know, folks: If these Arkansas papers showed her to be the most brilliant, loving, caring first lady of a state in the history of the country, these papers would have been released year ago. She talks about how she turned around the Arkansas education system, and she did. It was making progress. She ‘turned it around,’ and it finished 49th the years that she was in charge of it.

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