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RUSH: Let this be a lesson, ladies and gentlemen. When you want something, you have to ask for it. It was just a little over an hour ago that I asked the broadcast engineer to add a song to the bumper rotation: Shakin’ All Over, by The Guess Who. So the broadcast engineer went out, and found it rather quickly. Since that time, I’ve heard it once. I made the mistake of assuming the broadcast engineer would understand that I wanted to be blown away by it for the rest of the show. I’ve heard it once. So, you can’t assume. You can’t assume people know what you mean simply by asking a question. What I should have said was, ‘Go out and find Shakin’ All Over, by The Guess Who, and then play it a bunch of times before the show is over.’

(Playing Shakin’ All Over by The Guess Who)

RUSH: There we go.

(Playing Shakin’ All Over by The Guess Who)

RUSH: That’s what I’ve been jamming to the past couple days here. That was kind of a rocky edit. Even I, with my cochlear implant, can hear that, but I know that was a hurried-up edit. I know that in future days, we’ll have a seamless version of this. We’ll edit it on Pro Tools, and you will not even notice that there has been an edit in it. Play it again, so that people can hear the edit. I will not talk over it.

(Playing Shakin’ All Over by The Guess Who)

RUSH: That was it, the edit.

(Playing Shaking All Over by The Guess Who)

RUSH: This is the end of the song, the absolute least appealing part of it, which should not have appeared in the bump — and, with proper editing, wouldn’t be there.

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