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RUSH: All right, dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut. Trumpet fanfare, time for an update. Great global warming news. Our favorite song stylist, Algore.

(Playing of Ball of Fire.)

That is white comedian Paul Shanklin, the vocal portrayal impersonating Algore, one of our three rotating global warming update themes. All right, ‘Heather Mills, the soon to be ex-wife of Paul McCartney, started her day storming out of a radio interview and then turned up at Speaker’s Corner in a gas-guzzling black four-by-four Mercedes to lecture the assembled crowds on ways of saving the planet. As part of her extraordinary tirade at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, Heather Mills exhorted people to try drinking rat’s milk instead of cow milk in order to help reduce global warming.’ There’s a picture of her here with all these idiots, photographers and everybody else, surrounding her. Now, I don’t know how to milk a rat. Even if I knew how to milk a rat, I don’t know that I would want to do it. Drink rat’s milk to save the planet?

And get this. I read this story and I don’t quite believe this: ”Early Snows Boost the Alpine Ski Resorts.’ — Dozens of ski resorts across the Alps have begun running their lifts after unprecedented levels of snow this month. Some parts have had the most snow in November since 1956.’ I thought the ski business in the Alps was about to go south because of global warming. Biggest snow in November since 1956. ‘The ski industry is now breathing a collective sigh of relief as bookings are picking up for the all-important Christmas period.’ Wow. What is this, BBC News, they use Christmas in the story? They didn’t say holiday period? Hmm. ‘Many villages and towns in the Alps rely on skiing for up to 80% of their income,’ and they’re just delirious. All kinds of snow, unexpected.

And then, have you heard about the stuff over the weekend, the global warming reports? It’s getting to the point now, and it’s actually been there for quite a while, how absurd this is. ‘Now the damage is irreversible and his planet is soon going to be uninhabitable for millions and millions and millions of different species, Mr. Limbaugh, and you don’t have the proper sensitivity to it to understand the danger that’s posed by this.’ If it’s that bad and it’s irreversible, then there’s nothing we can do. They kind of overplay their hand with this stuff when they say it’s irreversible, because that just means go gas up the SUV. Speaking of that, not only are people flying all over the country this Thanksgiving week, they are driving in record numbers all over the country, even with gasoline north of three dollars.

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