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RUSH: Guess what? Thanksgiving week, guess what we got a shortage of, folks? ”Food Pantries Struggling With Shortages.’ — Operators of free food banks say they are seeing more working people needing assistance. The increased demand is outstripping supplies and forcing many pantries and food banks to cut portions. Demand is being driven up by rising costs of food, housing, utilities, health care and gasoline…’ and global warming and everything else that’s filled with doom and gloom. ‘…wholesalers and retailers are finding they have less surplus food to donate and government help has decreased, according to Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks.’

Isn’t this just fascinating? On Thanksgiving week, here comes the guilt trip, folks. They used to do it with Thursday football. They’d go to the halftime and the local stations would do some little local news insert, and they’d send somebody down to the nearest homeless shelter and show these people, these poor, suffering people, just clawing food into their mouths like they haven’t eaten in a year. The tone of the report would be, ‘How dare you sit at home enjoying the comfort coziness of your family and your Thanksgiving dinner? Look at these people!’ Now it’s food banks that have run out of food. It’s so timely. Those stories, by the way, do not appear when Democrats are in the White House.


RUSH: Matt in Phoenix, nice to have you with us today, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Hey, I was thinking earlier about the — something caught my attention there earlier on the Thanksgiving story about the food shortages. If the manufacturers and the suppliers don’t have any extra to give away, doesn’t that mean they’re selling all their supplies to somebody?

RUSH: Well, of course. But that’s not the way we’re supposed to interpret this. Let me rephrase or reread from the story that got Matt’s attention here. By the way, I’m the one adding the Thanksgiving angle. Well, I haven’t read the whole story, but they might make a Thanksgiving connection here, and the reader is supposed to. You’re supposed to infer this. Demand is being driven up at these food pantries that are struggling with shortages. ‘Demand is being driven up by rising costs of food, housing, utilities, health care and gasoline, and wholesalers and retailers are finding they have less surplus food to donate and government help has decreased, according to Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Food Banks.’ So if food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, are finding that they have less surplus food to donate, that must mean they’re selling it, correct?

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: Now, if they’re selling it, what does that tell you, Matt?

CALLER: Means we got money to spend.

RUSH: And what does all this holiday travel tell you? Now they’re issuing tips on how to pack, for crying out loud; do it neatly. Now, the president went out there and tried to limit the crowds, extra baggage handlers, and skycaps, and kiosks. We’re supposedly in the midst of this really struggling and challenging economy, rising fuel prices has people panicked, the mortgage slump, people being kicked out of their homes, and yet, people have enough money to fly all over the country in droves, setting records all week, got enough money to go out and buy food, so much so that there’s less to give away. So how can we have such a rotten economy?

CALLER: Well, gotta create victims somehow.

RUSH: Especially at Thanksgiving week with a Republican in the White House.


RUSH: Ellen, Rocky River, Ohio. Ellen, by the way, is one of my all-time favorite top-ten female names.

CALLER: Is it really?

RUSH: Yeah, it really is.

CALLER: Thanks for taking the call. It’s been a couple years since I called. I’m glad I got through.

RUSH: I missed you.

CALLER: Oh, have you really? (laughing)

RUSH: I was telling Snerdley the other day, ‘I haven’t talked to Ellen in a couple years.’

CALLER: Well, here I am back today. The reason I’m calling is I was watching 60 Minutes last night, which was probably a big mistake.

RUSH: My condolences. What are you doing? There was a pretty good football game on last night, another massacre in Buffalo.

CALLER: Well, it’s just going to pain me to say it, but I’m really not a football person. But, as I’m channel surfing, I got in on Lesley Stahl’s interview of Thomas Frieden, whom I find out is the health commissioner of the city of New York, and it was about a 15-minute interview, on his fiat, if you will, that he is going to at least attempt to mandate that all of the fast food places have posted on their walls what the caloric value, or caloric count is on the fast food. And, as I looked at this man, and I have to tell you, I’m a medical professional; I’m a nurse manager. So I understand that there is an obesity epidemic, and I also understand that you could probably infer from that that there has been an explosion of diabetes. There is no doubt about it.

RUSH: Do you also know, as a health care professional, have you heard about the story from last week that overweight people live longer?

CALLER: I did hear that. I did hear that, and that’s not going to play well as far as the conventional wisdom.

RUSH: Of course not.

CALLER: But the thrust of this was — now, he didn’t say it in so many words, but he was smug, he was officious, and he was intrusive. He was going to decide for us that we were, A, too stupid to know that when you go to the fast food places, it is fat laden. I don’t go to McDonald’s with any frequency because, as good as it is, I know it’s going to be a fat-laden meal.

RUSH: You know, Ellen, I have to tell you, you should call more often than two years. This is just the latest example of nannyism in New York. You can’t use trans-fats, you can’t smoke anywhere, outside or inside, and yet they’re taxing tobacco products through the roof to pay for health care programs and then making it impossible to use the product, so fewer and fewer people are buying it. But it’s been a Nanny State run by Mayor Bloomberg for a long time. This caloric content on the fast food, I thought that that had been shelved. Maybe it was some other state that it’s been shelved in because somebody was saying, this is absurd, it’s going to raise costs, post it all over the restaurants and so forth, but learn something fast. I mean you know this.

You’re talking about somebody who’s a liberal Democrat in New York. They view average people with condescension and contempt. You don’t know how to make the decisions necessary to get through life. That’s why you need them. They want you as dependent as possible. They really do think of you as that dumb, that you don’t realize when you’re eating a fistful of french fries that you’re eating a lot of calories, they really think you may not know that, they think that Big Fast Food is screwing you and lying to you about the dangerous ingredients, and so here comes Big Government to want to warn you and protect you because they really think that you’re idiots. It’s one of the primary problems with Big Government and liberalism in general is this lack of faith in the individual to overcome obstacles and make responsible decisions, leading his or her own life. I gotta run. Quick break. Nice to hear from you again, Ellen.

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