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RUSH: Back to the phones. I know it’s Open Line Friday, so we try to take more phone calls than we usually do. Kevin in Largo, Florida, nice to have you, sir. I’m glad you waited.

CALLER: Yes, sir. It’s such an honor to speak to you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Yes, sir. This question… I have two questions. This question is for Hillary Clinton and actually for Dirty Harry and for Dick Durbin and Schumer and for Grandpa Munster and the rest of them all right there. I want to know, when the French president comes here and says that we’re a great nation of people and that our grandfathers and fathers went over to France, and we liberated those people from murderers and rapists and stuff like that, and we saved those people and those families would give up their children to save those people, and the Democrats can’t admit that. They can’t say that we’re a great nation of people. They say that we lost our standing in the world. That’s one thing. And the second thing is that Bob Dole (sic) and them had the VA bill ready to go for four or five months now, and Harry Reid is holding the money for the veterans, he’s holding it hostage so they can attach it to another bill.

Now, the Democrats can’t go shake hands at Walter Reed one day last year, and say that they care about the veterans like that. They talk about Iraqi veterans. Now, I’m a veteran from Beirut, and, okay, they don’t care about veterans from Beirut. They don’t care about Vietnam veterans. I have Vietnam friends that I go down here to Bay Ponds with that are dying underneath the bridge down here that nobody cares about. They don’t care about them. They don’t care about anything. They won’t fund the Iraqi veterans now that are over there fighting. They won’t admit that they’re doing a good job. They won’t admit that they beat Al-Qaeda and run ’em out of Iraq over there. They can’t even say that it’s a good job. The Democrats are disgusting. Last night in the debate they couldn’t even admit that national security comes above the civil rights of people over there that want to kill us. I am disgusted with these Democrats, sir.

RUSH: You’ve loaded me up here with a lot to say.

CALLER: I am sorry, sir. I am sorry. I had to say it, sir.

RUSH: No, no, no. That’s a good term here at the EIB Network. You’ve loaded me up.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: That’s a great, great term. Your comment about Sarkozy, this guy has spoken more accurately and positively about America, American exceptionalism, than most of the politicians in this country, not just the Democrats.

CALLER: It wasn’t even mentioned in the news, hardly.

RUSH: Of course not. Well, we are the news, and we mentioned it here. We played the audio sound bites. But you’ve reminded me of something I saw in the debate last night, and I forgot it, and that is these guys, these Democrats were asked a question: ‘What’s more important, the civil rights of terrorists, or victory?’ Was that the question?

CALLER: That’s exactly it.

RUSH: And they all said ‘civil rights.’

CALLER: And it was Richardson that stood up and said that he was more worried about civil rights of other people than he was about the national security. Now, when you take an oath to defend the United States of America, you’re not… You know, civil rights are important. I’m not taking that away from anybody, but you defend the Constitution of the United States and the people of the United States. Our sovereignty is more important than anything in the world. I’m a veteran, and the people that have fought before us, our grandfathers, fought for what we have now. Now, these people that come into our country, they are illegal aliens. There’s nothing wrong with people coming into our country the right way, the way that most immigrants come in. But because 30 million people came in here illegally doesn’t make it right. You don’t say that 30 million people did it because it’s right. Remember when all our life they said, ‘If everybody else is jumping off a bridge and you can jump off a bridge, are you going to do it?’ No. You know what they do. You send them all back out of the country and you come back in the legal way that everybody came in. I’m tired of all the way the Democrats do, they pander. Hillary Clinton, she just changes her mind and she lies. She’s a liar like she’s a liar. There’s no other way to put it: She’s a liar. She should not be president of the United States. If she can be president, anybody off the street can be president.

RUSH: Let me ask you a question, Kevin.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: As a veteran.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: As a veteran, are these attitudes that you have shared with me and us today, are these attitudes about Democrats relatively new, or have you spotted this behavior in them over a period of years?

CALLER: I’ll tell you one thing, through the veterans hospitals, they are all veterans. I’m not going to say ‘all,’ because that would be a wrong statement, but I’m just going to say… I’ll just use the way they use the polls! I’ll just make up my own polls like they do. That’s the way CNN and MSNBC make ’em. They just go down in the front office and ask for their own people and go, ‘Oh, I made up a poll,’ you know, and I’ll say, but, mine are more factual because I’m with the veterans out there that are actually doing it. I’ll say that 99% of the veterans stick with the Republicans because on that one issue, a Republican will take care of the veterans that are fighting for this country; they don’t just go shake their hand. That’s the thing. If you’re not going to fund me when I’m fighting for your country, what do you care for me? And then when I get out you’re not going to take care of me, you don’t care about me, man.

RUSH: That’s another excellent point, because Dingy Harry and the Democrats —

CALLER: He’s the dirtiest of them all. He’s the dirtiest rotten one of them all. How our great state of Nevada can elect a dirty person like him, after how he tried to disgrace you by turning words around was despicable. I mean, that was ridiculous.

RUSH: What do you think of Nancy Pelosi?

CALLER: She is the dirtiest of the dirty. They ought to get married and have a dirty baby.

RUSH: (laughter) Snerdley is standing up giving you a standing O in there on the other side of the glass.

CALLER: I want to go have my own talk show but they’d have me off the air in a day.

RUSH: Depends on where.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Kevin, look, I can’t thank you enough for calling.

CALLER: And thank you, sir.

RUSH: You’ve been great.

CALLER: And please don’t stop. Don’t let her be president. She is the next coming of the anti-Christ. Please don’t let Hillary Clinton be president.

RUSH: We got it handled.

CALLER: Thank you, sir.

RUSH: We got it handled.


RUSH: Here’s a story. This is an example of exactly the kind of thing our last caller, Kevin, was just talking about. ‘Congress likely will hold off on sending President Bush money for Iraq until early next year, pushing the Pentagon to the brink of an accounting nightmare and deepening Democrats’ conflict with the White House on the war.’ I think Gates said they got enough money in the Pentagon for a couple of weeks to fund the war, and Dirty Harry, Dingy Harry is basically saying, ‘Look, we give you guys 400 plus billion dollars per year, get what you need for Iraq in there, and no more supplementals ’til Bush starts bringing the troops home.’ The details of this are these. ‘Democrats say the tough approach is needed.’ Pelosi said, ‘Everybody knows that the president is stuck in his place, a place where he wants a 10-year war.’ The Senate planned to vote as early as today on the measure, although it was not expected to pass.

The bottom line to all this is — and I know there’s some competing theories out there. One of the theories is that the Democrats are just doing all this posturing and positioning, all these resolutions to get us out of Iraq, just to get through February, just to get all the money they can from MoveOn.org and all the money they can from all these wacko Democrat 527 groups, and then at some point next spring, the Democrats will all of a sudden turn pro-America as the general election heats up, and Mrs. Clinton’s the nominee and heading into it. There’s some pretty smart people who have this theory, that this is all just fundraising right now and that it’s all a little bit of protection, too, because the MoveOn.org types are threatening Democrats, senators who are up for election next year and House members who are up next year, they all are, ‘If they don’t do the right thing on this, we’re going to find candidates to oppose them in the primaries and beat them. We’re gonna run a lot of money against you, if you’re not sufficiently anti-war, we’re going to do this to you.’ So there’s a little fear that they’ll pull it off. So the Democrats are continuing to try to provide obstacles. But look at the damage they’re doing to themselves.

This is not happening in a vacuum, and I am not uncomfortable saying this. The people of this country do not want to lose the war. I don’t know how widespread the coverage here of these Democrat tactics is going to get in the Drive-By Media. I hope it’s sufficient, because I think the Drive-Bys are the same mind-set as Dingy Harry. This is all about defeating Bush. It’s all about whacking Bush. They got so much Bush derangement syndrome. They don’t understand the people of this country don’t want their position. They don’t want the military de-funded. They don’t want the military humiliated, impugned, particularly when we’re on the verge of victory. Now, we don’t know how many Americans know about that because the news in the Drive-By broadcasts has gone relatively silent and dormant on the whole subject of Iraq, because we’re winning and the surge is working.

It didn’t pass in the Senate. They needed 60, as usual. They got 53 votes. There was a Republican measure to fund the war with no surrender terms, and that didn’t pass, either. The Democrats killed that, too. That’s the point. The Democrats have killed every option to fund. What is it the president wants, 70 billion or something more for Iraq and Afghanistan? Afghanistan is included in this, too. But the smart people’s theory is that this is eventually going to do a 180. The Democrats next spring, after they have all the money they need from Move On and after they’ve satisfied these lunatic-fringe kooks, that all of a sudden once you get into a presidential race, they will become pro-victory, and they will become pro-America.

Let ’em try. They won’t get away with that. They do not have one nail in any mini-plank of a foundation that will allow them to come back and stand on that platform. They just don’t have it. They have gone too far investing in defeat. They have gone too far trying to make sure the troops don’t have what they need. They have gone too far in personalizing this. They have gone too far in making average Americans — you heard Kevin — think that they are actually out to harm their own country if it means power accruing to them. I’m telling you, this is being set up as a big backfire on them. Illegal immigration is going to be a huge big backfire on them, as well as taxes. Now, a backfire IF the Republicans have a candidate who can make all this stick.


RUSH: Here’s Dingy Harry announcing why the Congress is not going to give the president any more money for a damn war.

REID: The president got $470 billion this week. We met with Secretary Gates. He indicated to us there’s 187,500 people in Iraq as we speak. He said the army is going to be just fine until the end of February. The Marines okay ’til the middle of March. I guess we expect too much from President Bush to recognize that this business that we’re in of government is one that we’re bound by the Constitution, that we have certain obligations and duties, one of which is to make sure that there are three separate and equal branches of government. We’re going to continue to do what we can for the troops, recognizing that we’ve been told by the secretary of defense that everything is fine until the end of February and with the Marines until the middle of March. How much more can we do than say, ‘Mr. President, if you need the money, here it is. But just let us have a little accountability for the American people’? He said no.

RUSH: Something here does not jibe with something I read earlier today, and that is that Gates said war funds are depleted, right here it is. In the Washington Times: ‘Defense Secretary Robert Gates said yesterday, if Congress fails to approve war funds this week, combat troops and civilian personnel will face reductions in services and equipment. The spending cuts would take effect next month, if Congress doesn’t pass an emergency war spending bill. ‘We can only move a total of 3.7 billion under general transfer authority, which only amounts to a little over one week’s worth of war expenses.” So Gates says he’s got a little more than enough necessary for a week. Dingy Harry just said that Gates told him he’s got enough money through February and March. Now, what are we to make of this? In fact, remember the fax I got from Duncan Hunter yesterday on this? The provision in the House bill, it failed, but it would require the president to give 15 days notice before moving troops around, reactionary troops, support troops? It would basically hamstring the war effort. It would make search-and-destroy, seek-and destroy, response to attacks, impossible if people like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have to approve it for a period of 15 days.

Now, Gates told the Army and the Marines to prepare to lay off 100,000 defense department workers and another 100,000 civilian workers. If that’s what he has to do in order to keep the war funded, well, good. Let that fall down on the Democrats’ shoulders as well. Those workers will find out about it, both the Department of Defense and civilian, as well.

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