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RUSH: Cecilia in West Bloomfield, Michigan, hi, it’s nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Thank you. It’s nice to talk with you again, Rush. I spoke with you several years ago.

RUSH: Well, welcome back.

CALLER: Thank you. It was interesting when I saw on the Drudge Report that Governor Spitzer had rescinded his immigration license thing. I thought that would put dear old Hillary in greater death because she supposedly supported him in a weak way, and so now that he’s recanted, it’s like where does she stand? And for CNN not to mention her or mention it, people are going to wonder, ‘Where is she?’ That’s my feeling.

RUSH: Nobody’s going to wonder about it if they don’t bring it up until Friday when I point out that nobody brought it up. The people that are going to watch this aren’t going to miss it. You’re right, though, Hillary Clinton did support Spitzer’s plan in an editorial board meeting she had with a newspaper in New Hampshire. And now Spitzer’s taken it off the table, a legitimate question: Do you think he did the right thing? I can tell you right now what she’s going to say. We had a caller earlier today who got it all right. Every one of these Democrats is going to say, ‘Spitzer had no choice. Don’t blame him. There’s no leadership at the national level on this. The states cannot tackle this. Immigration is a federal problem. The borders are a federal problem. Spitzer was just doing the best he could, but he had no leadership on a national level, it’s horrible.’ They’re going to dump on Bush, and they’re going to dump on Republicans. In the old days, they would have gotten away with it without comment. They will not get away with it without comment this time.

This is Schick in Trenton, Texas. Hello, Schick.

CALLER: Hello, sir. An honor to speak with you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I originally called after referring to your monologue at the top of the last hour realizing the fact that whatever the media can’t find to blame on Bush, they just blame on you. And I was going to call and just thank you for doing your patriotic duty by coming to President Bush’s aid and being the other scapegoat. But then I realized that maybe if we can just get rid of you and Bush, what a wonderful place the world would be. And so now I’m just confused and need your help.

RUSH: If we got rid of me and Bush, what a wonderful place the world would be? Is that the question?

CALLER: Facetiously, sir, yes, sir.

RUSH: Facetious — yes, because it’s not going to happen.

CALLER: (laughter)

RUSH: Bush’s presidential term, of course, will perspire. Since I’m not subject to elections, and I’m not term-limited, as the president is, I am going nowhere.

CALLER: Wonderful.

RUSH: I appreciate that, but yes, if you’re going to blame all the problems of the country on me, may as well add me to the list for the world problems as well.

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