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RUSH: Have you heard the latest now? Bill Clinton is taking the blame for botching health care, not Hillary. It happened last Thursday in Glenwood, Iowa. Here is the former president.

CLINTON: She has taken the rap for some of the problems we had with health care last time that were far more my fault than hers. I mean let’s just face it: We couldn’t raise money. This time, when you let the — the — tax cuts for upper income people expire, they’ll create a pool of money that wasn’t there last time. We told her she had to get to universal coverage and there would be no new money; she had to figure out how to do it. She also was very vulnerable to the Senate filibuster last time because they were on a ‘just say no’ to Bill Clinton.

RUSH: Oh, the chivalry! Ha! The chivalry from this man, and the strange memory. ‘When you let the tax cuts for upper income people expire, that will create a pool of money that wasn’t there last time.’ Uh, she’s already taxed the rich out of existence on paper in explaining how she’s going to pay for everything that she’s going to do. This has caused some concern, too, in the Clinton campaign. You know, Mrs. Clinton, your husband’s out there. Mr. Edwards, your wife is out there. Mr. Obama, your wife is out there. Can’t any of these candidates speak for themselves, and when they happen to step in it, can’t they get back out without a spouse coming along to help them?
‘That caused Hillary Clinton to defend her husband, Bill Clinton, for defending her on the campaign trail in Iowa. With her campaign having hit a rough patch lately based on a rocky performance at the Philadelphia debate the Clinton camp sent Bill out to Iowa to try to rally support for her in the early-voting state. The former president took on the task with gusto. In one speech he cited a survey by a Canadian pollster that said many people in France, Germany, Britain, Italy, and Canada preferred Hillary to be the next US president.’ Oh, really?

Today there is a story from NorthStarWriters.com, Paul Ibrahim: ”If America’s Image Is So Bad, Why Do Pro-Americans Like Sarkozy Keep Getting Elected?’ ‘It was by watching America grow that men and women understood that freedom was possible. What made America great was her ability to transform her own dream into hope for all mankind.’ No, these are not the words of Ronald Reagan. Nor are they the words of George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln or George Washington. They are the words of the current president of France. Bill Clinton last week was the latest to jump on the bandwagon of top Democrats suggesting that electing Hillary Clinton, or another liberal president, would be the only way for America to repair its image with the world.’ But here’s the great pull quote from this story. ‘This global trend of electing conservative, pro-American governments is due to the kind of solid foreign policy and leadership that the world had missed during the Clinton years. And except for those leaders whom Bill Clinton aids in criticizing the United States, such as Canada’s rejected Martin, leaders of democracies today are friends who are reaching out to us in a manner we have not seen in a long time. These are leaders with whom we are happy to work, regardless of disagreements.’

It is Bill Clinton and Algore that have been traveling the world trying to gin up anti-American support among socialist audiences and socialist groups and leaders, which then gets fawning praise from the worldwide Drive-By Media. But, in truth, the reality is that Germany and France and a number of other — Canada? Sweden? Portugal? Greece? Mexico just elected a conservative guy. These countries are all electing pro-Americans, and they keep getting elected. So for Clinton to say, this Canadian pollster, that many people in France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Canada preferred Hillary Clinton to be the next US president, don’t think so. Just more myth-making, image-making trying to define what the template and narrative will be in the Drive-By Media. Last Thursday, Barack Obama on the campaign trail was asked about Clinton saying the health care fiasco was more his fault than Hillary’s.

OBAMA: Uhhh, all I know is that part of the record she’s running on is having worked on health care, so it’s kind of hard to gauge if her claims to have experience in this issue, to then suggest that somehow she didn’t have anything to do with fact that it didn’t work. If you are saying that part of your basis for experience is the work you did on health care, then presumably when it didn’t work, you know, that’s — that’s part of — that’s part of the experience as well.

RUSH: Yeah. She worked on it, and it didn’t work. That’s part of the experience as well. So here comes chivalrous Bill riding in on black horse, as the first black president, to say, (Clinton impression) ‘Hey, you know, health care, that was more my problem than hers. We didn’t give her much to work with. We raised taxes on people. We didn’t create enough money,’ blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So this doesn’t help, folks, it just makes all these candidates look like they can’t speak for themselves when the spouses go out there and try to clean up the mess.

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