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RUSH: This driver’s license business in New York, the illegal business, did you know — you know, Spitzer is out there, Eliot Spitzer, saying, ‘It doesn’t have anything to… I don’t know how this came up.’ In fact, let’s go to the audio sound bites on this because we’ve got Spitzer talking about this. Let’s go audio sound bite number seven. We’ll go in order from there. This is a press conference yesterday in Newburgh, New York, and this is what he said about the driver’s licenses-for-illegals issue.

SPITZER: I’ve never quite figured out why certain things become issues or they don’t, but I can tell you what motivated us on this issue was security.

RUSH: Here’s how this became an issue, Governor.

RUSH ARCHIVE: What is amazing to me about this is how Mrs. Clinton gets to be quiet when she wants to be quiet. This is her state. The fact that she’s a presidential candidate only adds to the fact she should be asked about this. The fact that she’s a senator from the state of New York, and is not being peppered by the press, ‘What do you think of the governor’s plans here for illegal immigrants getting driver’s licenses?’ It’s amazing how she’s able to skate. … [S]he’s given a pass. It’s too radioactive for her, writes the AP. Man, oh, man, oh, man, would I have loved over several occasions the last 18 years for you dummkopfs in the media to think certain issues were too radioactive for me to talk about. Good grief! The woman doesn’t have to say diddly-squat about anything, and she doesn’t.

RUSH: Okay, Governor Spitzer, that’s how the issue became an issue. It was being ignored by the Drive-By Media for the most part, but that on this program, last Monday, is how this became an issue. Now, Spitzer’s out there saying (paraphrased), ‘It has nothing to do with the voter fraud. It has nothing to do with anything. It has to do with security. We’ve gotta know who these people are.’ John Fund has done a great piece at OpinionJournal.com today, quoting a whole bunch of New York officials. We mentioned this earlier in the week. They just rely on ‘honesty.’ If you show up and get a driver’s license in New York, you automatically — because of Motor Voter — get a voter registration form. If you get a driver’s license, well, you’ve got a photo ID and you’ve only got to come up with a fake Social Security number, and I think somebody said — I’ve got it in the stack here — that there are 40 million bogus Social Security numbers in the system, the federal system, the federal ID system. Forty million bogus Social Security numbers! And the people in New York say, ‘Well, we expect people to be honest. If they tell us that they’re a citizen, we expect that they’re going to be honest about that.’

Do you know that eight of the 19 hijackers who blew up the towers on 9/11 had driver’s licenses? Eight of them! It’s totally what this issue is all about: voter fraud. The Democrats need these votes, and Mrs. Clinton — it’s not just illegals — look at what else Mrs. Clinton has been behind. She is in favor of lifting the restrictions on felons being able to vote, on a number of other restrictions that exist on voting. She wants to remove those. She doesn’t care what this country looks like, as long as she becomes president of this country. That’s pretty much all that she’s interested in, and it’s scary, folks, because these people would preside over the institutions, traditions that have made this country great just being destroyed, and they don’t care. Now she’s out there playing this victim card, and a lot of people in the media are not happy about this — and I’ll tell you what it is. You know, it’s not just the cheapest form of pandering. To all of a sudden, say, ‘I’m a strong woman. I’m strong as a man! I can handle this job.’ Now all of a sudden to go victim, and to have your campaign tell the press, ‘Yeah, well, this is part of a long-planned strategy based on what happened when Rick Lazio invaded her space during a Senate debate for the election in New York.’

So they’re going back to that playbook because they think it worked then, but running for president is a little bit different from running for the Senate, especially if most of your career has been built up on, ‘You’re tough, and you’re not going to back down from anybody! You’re Hillary Clinton! You’ve got a testicle lockbox.’ Now, all of a sudden, to start playing the victim is… I’ll tell you what, it is. It’s an excuse for a lack of substance and talent, ladies and gentlemen. Mrs. Clinton doesn’t have the talent that her husband does to answer or not answer questions in a way that the press marvels at. You never saw this with the press getting on Clinton for not answering something, or for hedging, or for trying to have it both ways. They sat back and marveled. With Mrs. Clinton they’re getting a little fed up, even the AP. ‘Hey, if you want to stop these guys from attacking you, Mrs. Clinton, just try answering the questions.’ Here is ABC’s The Note. This is very, very friendly toward the libs. ‘Invincible No More — Hillary Clinton’s trying out for a new role as victim, but her strategy of defending herself through gender politics risks sacrificing one of her campaign’s greatest strengths.’ They are not happy that she’s doing this, and they quote others in the Drive-Bys today who have written something similar.

Ruth Marcus, Washington Post, ”Those other guys are beating up on Clinton, if you can call that beating up, because she’s the strong front-runner, not because she’s a weak woman. And a candidate as strong as Clinton doesn’t need to play the woman-as-victim card,’ Marcus writes. ‘Using gender this way is a setback. Hillary Clinton is woman enough to take these attacks like a man,” just like she puts her pants on like every other guy: one leg at a time. So there’s discontent throughout, and this driver’s license business and the immigration issue is something that’s going to haunt her and the party. Look at this in the Washington Post. I still continue to be amazed at this. ‘Issue of illegal immigration is quandary for Democrats. Many voters want a tougher stance than candidates offer. Until Tuesday night the Democrat presidential candidates had largely ignored the subject of illegal immigration. The topic, Democrat strategists concluded, was fraught with too much potential for alienating general election voters.’

Well, my gosh, folks! Here’s a party that, as a strategy, is avoiding telling you what they think and want about illegal immigration because they might not get your vote! Does that not sum up and confirm what I have told you about liberals and the left for the longest time? They can’t dare be honest. But Mrs. Clinton let the cat out of the bag. She wished the amnesty bill had passed. They were able to ignore it. This is the thing. They were able to ignore it. In all these previous debates, nobody brought the issue up, and it is the issue. It is the huge issue. It’s the big issue in California as to why half the state’s feeling in malaise, like the future is bleak, because nobody is doing anything to stop it. How would you like to be in California and you open up the UK Telegraph list of the top 100 most influential libs, and find your governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, number eight? When he ran as a conservative Republican?

Man, if I lived out there, I’d be a mess, too. ‘My governor is number eight most influential liberal in the country?’ But he is. But the press continues to shield Hillary — they were — and the whole party from this immigration issue, and if they think that they can get elected by avoiding it and not addressing it because it’s ‘too volatile.’ ”Democrat strategists concluded that the subject is fraught with too much potential for alienating general election voters. ‘The reality is that this is an issue where people support what Democrats have to say on a policy level, but Democrats do not reflect the emotional tone and intensity of the electorate,’ said Mark Mehlman, a Democrat strategist.’ Mr. Mehlman, wishful thinking. You can’t even be honest with the press nor yourself. The fact of the matter is, people do not support Democrats on a policy level when it comes to illegal immigration — in New York, where driver’s licenses are concerned, or amnesty nationwide — and your party supports all that, Mr. Mehlman, because you want those people as voters even if they have to be registered fraudulently!

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