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RUSH: This is Frank. Thank you for waiting, sir. You’re up next.

CALLER: Hey, Steeler dittos from a native Pittsburgher.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, my comment is, I don’t understand lumping Bush in with the failure of the immigration bill. Wasn’t he on the side of Clinton and Lindsey Graham and all those guys?

RUSH: That is an interesting point. Mrs. Clinton did say in one of these answers in the debate that we should have passed the immigration bill but George Bush was declared president by the Supreme Court and everything was out of whack. Yeah, it was not a good night for her last night, but the bottom line is it doesn’t matter it wasn’t a good night because nobody else had a good one, either. Nobody stood out. Nobody took advantage of this. So she gets away with bashing the Bush administration, she gets away with bashing a whole bunch — now, when I say she got away with it, I don’t know how many people actually watched this, and I doubt that this was a significant enough audience to have — maybe do her some damage in the general election, but we’re taking care of that now on this program. I just made this point a minute ago, and I’m still stunned that none of these other candidates up there saw an opening and ran in and seized it and just took over that debate last night. They’re all pathetic, when you boil it all down.

Phillip in Sonoya, Georgia. Thanks for the call, sir.

CALLER: I just have a comment on something Hillary said last night. She said she was surprised at how much money everybody had been making the past six-and-a-half years, and I was just wondering if Bush’s economy is so horrible, how is it she’s making so much money?

RUSH: Wait. I didn’t hear that. She’s surprised at how much money everybody’s been making?

CALLER: Yeah, last night in a comment she brought up, in the debate she made a comment that she was surprised at how much money they’ve made the past six-and-a-half years.

RUSH: You mean she and her husband?

CALLER: I assume that, but it sounded like she was making reference to everyone on stage. You didn’t hear that comment?

RUSH: No, I didn’t. Well, I was multitasking, I was doing a lot of things last night, and I was —

CALLER: She made a comment —

RUSH: I was at the computer —

CALLER: — money she’d made.

RUSH: Made a comment about how much money she’d made? Is that what you said?


RUSH: I’m going to have to get a transcript, because I didn’t hear that. But all I can think here is, is that she and her husband were bragging about how much money they made. Was this in the context of tax increases or tax cuts or anything?

CALLER: No, it wasn’t, it was just talking about the economy in general and then she made a comment about how much money she made. I’m sorry I can’t remember the exact comment off the top of my head. I just thought I had to call in and make a reference to that.

RUSH: Yeah, well, we’ll find out about it, because having not heard it, I don’t want to speculate on what it was that she was talking about. I can’t believe, I mean these people have been trying to ignore the healthy, robust economy we’ve had. I can’t believe she would say something that would tend to indicate she thinks people are making a lot of money unless she said they’re making too much. We’ll just have to get it out and I’ll find out what she was talking about.

Bill in Buffalo, it’s great to have you, sir, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Rush, it’s an honor to be on your program.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: You know, personally, I’m incensed when I hear Hillary Clinton talk. I view her actions to be unpatriotic, and, frankly, repulsive to the millions of Americans who are serving our country and the many tens of millions who have served in the past. If I ever hear her say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, it will bring me to the point of wanting to dry heave. This lady is not loyal to the country. Clearly, her family has never served their nation. You know, we’re a nation of immigrants who did it the right way, and we applaud those who did. Now she wants to take people who could be, and we don’t know, who could be terrorists among those illegal aliens and give them the validation of having a driver’s license, allowing them to move through our society, as we can do now very freely. And I think that if she does that, she’s basically risking our national security.

RUSH: No question about it. But she did say she wanted to engage Al-Qaeda by being in combat with them.

CALLER: Well, I hope she doesn’t get what she’s asking for because we here in western New York remember the raid of the Lackawanna Six when 300 FBI agents and a couple hundred more police officers raided what was a terrorist cell for reasons of national security. We’ve never found out officially what they were up to, but we know this, Rush, and you know it well, you talk about it all the time, we’re a nation at war. It’s a borderless war. And we have men and women right now serving in Afghanistan and Iraq risking their lives. I would think that they’d be almost ashamed to even think a US Senator from the state of New York named Hillary Clinton would be so disloyal to them who are serving their country.

RUSH: Yeah. I’m glad that you called. I think that that’s an interesting take on the whole reaction to all the letting all the illegals in New York state get driver’s licenses, because, you’re right, especially New York being a port of entry from across the pond from Europe and Asia and the Middle East, who knows how many potential terrorists are flowing into the country and hanging around, sleeper cells and that sort of thing. Just don’t forget, please do not forget what this is all about. You have to understand, to every Democrat, every issue is about electoral politics and how it will affect them. When they say it’s for the children, it’s about them. They mask what they really want to do with all of these flowery phrases and pseudo-statements of compassion and so forth. The S-CHIP program, it was not about the kids; it’s about them. It’s about getting more and more people covered under national socialized medicine.

This illegal aliens getting driver’s licenses is about voters. It is about getting more registered Democrats in the state of New York and throughout the country. All right, here’s the sound bite that the previous caller wanted to know my thoughts on with Mrs. Clinton and they were talking about taxes. Tim Russert says, ‘Charlie Rangel is a strong supporter of your campaign. He wants to repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax. But he also wants to have a 4% surtax on a single $150,000 income or $200,000 married couple. You went to Harlem with your husband, with Charlie Rangel. The former president said, quote, ‘Charlie Rangel wants me to pay more taxes so you can pay less, and I think that’s a good idea.’ Is that also your view?’

HILLARY: I don’t know all the details of what Charlie is recommending, but I certainly agree with the goal. You know, we’ve not been asked to sacrifice anything. We have the average American family losing a thousand dollars in income, and George Bush and his cronies can’t figure out how they can give even more tax cuts to the wealthiest of Americans. Now, I never thought Bill and I would be in that category, to be honest with you, so it’s kind of a new experience. I think Charlie’s being very courageous in moving forward. I don’t agree with all the details. But he’s on the right track to say we’ve gotta do something about the AMT.

RUSH: Folks, I’m sitting here, and I just marvel at how anybody thinks that this woman is so brilliant and smart. If she’s got any talent whatsoever, asides bimbo eruptions and handling that, if she has any talent whatsoever, it is avoiding answering a question. In this answer she said two different things. ‘I don’t know all the details of what Charlie’s recommending, but I certainly agree with the goal. I don’t agree with all the details,’ which implies she knows them, ‘but he’s on the right track to say we’ve got to do something about the AMT.’ Now the dirty little secret is that this is her tax bill. This is any Democrat’s tax bill. Whether she gets elected or Edwards, this is what they’re all going to do. They’re all going to raise taxes on everybody, but she can’t come out and side with Rangel on this. ‘I don’t know all the details, I don’t know what Charlie is doing.’ But, yes, I was right, she did have to mention that she and her husband are in the top bracket again. And she said, ‘I never thought we would be there. I never thought Bill and I would be in that category, to be honest with you, so it’s a new kind of experience.’

Do you think we are idiots out here, Mrs. Clinton? What was Whitewater all about, if it wasn’t about getting in the top income brackets of this country? You can’t fool me. Folks, you know it and I know it. The whole Whitewater thing, you go back to the eighties, liberal Democrats in the eighties, we were roaring, the Reagan economy was just going boom, big time. And liberal Democrats, I remember it as though it were yesterday, they had the opinion that anybody that was very wealthy or that had any kind of success in life had done it by cutting corners, getting into screwy details, shady deals, big-time deals, and that’s what Whitewater was. It was a get-rich-quick scheme that didn’t pan out. These two people, Bill and Hillary Clinton, are obsessed with money, and the evidence is they can’t stop telling us how much they’ve got. That, folks, is not classy.

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