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RUSH: Now, every time we have one of these Democrat debates, we always find the opportunity to produce a montage of wacko comments made by these people, and last night’s debate was no exception. This montage is of the candidates talking about diplomacy. Now, keep in mind, all of these people on the stage claim to want to be the leader of the free world, and they spoke of diplomacy last night as though it was an end, that diplomacy is how things are solved, when in truth, diplomacy exists to extend problems so that the people whose job is to solve them never get the job done, so they always have the job. Diplomacy is fine and dandy in certain instances, but it’s not how you deal with tyrants; it’s not how you deal with oppressors. It just isn’t. It’s not a magic wand that will make the world safe. But, listen, not one of these instances of the usage of the phrase ‘diplomacy’ or the word ‘diplomacy’ was repeated.

CLINTON: I prefer vigorous diplomacy. Part of vigorous diplomacy. With respect to diplomacy. Sanctions and diplomacy are the way to go. Try diplomacy, and as part of diplomacy.

DODD: Resolution which called for diplomacy.

OBAMA: Foreign policy that rejects diplomacy.

CLINTON: What we’re trying to do is push vigorous diplomacy. Be engaged in diplomacy. Diplomacy with some carrots and sticks. I want to start diplomacy.

RICHARDSON: We have to use diplomacy. Going to get diplomacy started. It would be through diplomacy. The key has to be diplomacy. Diplomacy. That’s diplomacy.

OBAMA: We’ve gotta focus on diplomacy, to lead that diplomacy.

CLINTON: And, finally, we need to engage in diplomacy.

RUSH: (laughing) Yeah, finally we engage in diplomacy. And, of course, these iterations, these utterances are simply their way of communicating to the base, trying to keep the anti-war crowd happy. It’s just more disingenuousness from these people trying to reach whoever in the audience is a bunch of pacifists.

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