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RUSH: This is Brian in Nashville, Tennessee. I’m glad you waited, sir, welcome to the program.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush? I used to be in the — I’m in the military now, active duty side. I’m National Guard right now, I’ve been in Iraq twice. The PKK is a terrorist organization, but the Kurds are friends with everybody in the US military, and the Iraqi people. They have absolutely no trouble whatsoever with Kurds in the north, and the United States military does not want to open up a northern front in the war on terror because there’s approximately 4,000 PKK militia members and 100,000 Turks massed along the border of Iraq and Turkey. The US military wants to keep the supply line open with Europe through Turkey, and with an impending war with Iran possible, we want all the allies that we possibly can because we have Iran surrounded, essentially, with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wanting to destroy Israel.

RUSH: So what are you saying? If the Turks decide to invade the Kurds, we’re going to sit it out?

CALLER: Yes, I think so; we would. I think we would.

RUSH: The Kurds love us!

CALLER: The Kurds do love us, and the Turks, the Turks love us. So it’s like two friends —

RUSH: Well, the Turks are mad at us right now. Well, the Turks are mad at the Democrats, but Bin Laden —


RUSH: — loves them, so I guess it works out.

CALLER: They’re mad at Nancy Pelosi.

RUSH: It’d be tough to sit that out. We went in there and liberated Iraq for the express purpose of making sure that what used to happen to Kurds by Saddam doesn’t happen again. That would be tough.

CALLER: It will never happen again, so long as we are there. We are the defenders of freedom.

RUSH: Right. Okay. Since you’ve been there, what are the odds the Turks are going to launch an attack on the Kurds anyway?

CALLER: Well, approximately nine days from now President Bush — I heard, I read an article that — he’s supposed to meet up with Turks and give his final decision, but we have offered to put more US troops in the north, and they kind of shut us down on that. They essentially want us to pick a side, and we don’t really want to do that.

RUSH: Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Who shot us down on the idea of putting troops in the north, the Kurds or the Turks?

CALLER: The Turks.

RUSH: The Turks shot us down.

CALLER: It’s not an acceptable settlement.

RUSH: I understand that. If they’re planning an attack on the Kurds, the last thing they want or we want is for them to run into a bunch of our guys.

CALLER: True. (sigh) It’s almost like two friends fighting. You almost just want to stay out of it.

RUSH: I’ll bet it doesn’t happen. I’ll bet it doesn’t happen. The Turks, I think, would have moved already. I saw something last week that there were no immediate plans, they said. Now, that could just be strategery, you know, the shuck and jive, the rope-a-dope, but this will be a challenge for Bush to head this off. But there are other supply line routes, the administration says, that they have worked out. You have to assume that that is true. That’s what people who work in the Pentagon are doing, is planning for all of these possibilities and contingencies, even the ones that you can’t predict. Brief time-out. Thanks, Brian, for the phone call.

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