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“The more I see this Sarkozy, the more I like him. A French guy with gonads! Where are our guys walking out on stupid questions like this?”

“So I lose the Nobel Peace Prize, and now I’m not on this list of geniuses.”

“We can’t harvest the trees? It’s a crop! The tree is a crop. We can’t cut it down. We can’t harvest because the environmentalist wacko thinks it’s pretty.”

“Humans have already split into two species, liberal stupidius and conservo erectus. Now, I can tell you this, and I am not even a scientist.”

“The theory is, the worse things can be made to appear the more unrest and upset that there will be amongst the people out there and they will want ‘a change.’ The thing the Democrats and the Drive-Bys are overlooking is, we’re automatically going to get a change! George W. Bush can’t run. His name’s not going to be on the ballot.”

“Do you know that most of the oil price going up is just because of speculation? It doesn’t represent the real true price of the stuff coming out of the ground. The speculation market is bidding the price up.”

“The liberals are plotting how they can take over your life, and it animates them. So these things can happen. They’re slowly creeping upon us even now in a whole bunch of areas.”

“Despite all our problems, there’s no better place in the world to live. The opportunity for prosperity and happiness is greater here than anywhere else in the world. It’s worth fighting for and holding on to.”

“I just installed the new Apple OS 10 Leopard last night and this morning. It’s just amazing. It really is — and I haven’t found any bugs. I’m sure I’ll find a couple of things, but nothing happened like with the previous one. It took a couple months to iron it out. This just seems stable and great. I can’t wait to play with it after the program is over.”

“Harry Reid had the worst three weeks of any politician this side of Richard Nixon. He got his butt kicked everywhere he went. The chair kicked him when he sat down.”

“An idea for you Democrats who want to get your message out: Just tell us what you really stand for.”

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