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RUSH: We have to chronicle what a dismal week it has been for Dingy Harry. This has nothing to do with the smear letter, by the way. That was last week. Duane Patterson at Townhall.com on Hugh Hewitt’s blog says: ‘The weekend can’t come soon enough for Nevada Senator Harry Reid, the feckless Democratic majority leader. He got caught politicizing the California wildfires as being global warming related, and then when questioned by a reporter a short time later about his comments, he denied he said it.’ And then yesterday, ‘Reid and the Democrats got thumped twice before lunch.’ First, they were unable to stop the confirmation of one of President Bush’s Appellate Court judges, Leslie Southwick, and they tried yesterday. We had the audio sound bites of the despicable things that they said about Judge Southwick on the floor of the Senate yesterday. They thought they were going to be able to stop this guy, they thought they were going to be able to stop him, and they were not able to. He was confirmed, which is why I didn’t get to playing those sound bites yesterday, because he was confirmed. They thought that that was a slam-dunk, keeping him off the appellate bench.

Then came the DREAM Act, Dick Durbin’s wet DREAM Act, and Dingy Harry was convinced that he had 60 votes. He was so convinced that he had 60 votes that he scheduled a whole day-and-a-half yesterday afternoon and all day today to debate the DREAM Act and then get it ready for a vote. He lost eight Democrat senators on this because the word got out again that this was stealth amnesty, despite the fact that the press and the Drive-Bys were portraying this as a simple little immigration bill that will give children of illegal immigrants the right — it was nothing about that at all. It was a stealth amnesty bill. It was a horrible piece of legislation, and a bunch of Democrats defected from Dingy Harry. He and Durbin went out there and they counted their votes, they counted their heads, and they were just damn certain that the wet DREAM Act was going to pass, and it didn’t. So he had a whole afternoon and a whole day today with nothing to do. He got totally stumped. It just has not been good for Dingy Harry lately, folks.

(Playing of The Letter spoof song.)

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