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Rush’s Morning Update: Power
October 25, 2007

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Get this. A certain woman used power never granted to her by the Constitution in a failed attempt to take over the health care industry, among other things. This woman now says that, if elected president, she will give up some legitimate constitutional powers that Vice President Cheney and President Bushhave exercised.

Mrs. Bill Clinton accuses the Bush Administration of ignoring checks and balances, disregarding the separation of powers, and establishing a “fourth branch of government” for Dick Cheney. Mrs. Clinton says that she’ll conduct an “exhaustive review” of how the current president and the vice president grabbed power, and she’ll reverse the trend — as soon as she’s inaugurated.

Chief among her complaints: the Bush Administration’s wiretapping of terrorist suspects. She also slams President Bush for(as President Clinton did before him)using “signing statements” on legislation to articulate the president’s interpretation of those laws.

Uh, folks, this woman’s entire political life has been about assuming raw powerand building the machinery to hold onto powerand crush her enemies. Now, all of a sudden, we’re to believe she doesn’t want to use the executive power she’s craved since college? How stupid do they think we are?

We’re at war! Yet here we have someone running on the idea that she– as commander-in-chief– oughta have less power to prosecute the war? And that– as president– she would limit the president’s right to comment on acts of Congress? This is either foolhardy or it’stotally disingenuous. And, since it’s Mrs.Clinton, it’sboth! We’re not idiots, here!

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