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RUSH: What is this class? You gotta be kidding me! You won’t believe this. Well, you will believe it, but it fits the theme of the day. Dawn has a daughter, a junior in high school, and she just got a text message from her daughter from the classroom. In an American history classroom, the teacher just finished ragging on me about the SCHIP program following the script from Media Matters for America that I beat up a kid. In an American history class, I’m being trashed in my own county in a high school with a teacher packed full of lies. This is the same one we told you about, folks, who will not let God be mentioned in her classroom and wants to say that the Founding Fathers are atheists. This is the woman giving the questions and answers to the students 24 hours before the test was taken so they would all pass it, so she would get approved by people who supervised her while she propagandizes a bunch of US political science rather than teach history. Ragging on me, on the SCHIP program in an American history class? What’s this teacher’s name? (interruption) You don’t want me to mention her name? I would love to mention this name. People like this need to be called out. Giving the students the test questions and answers 24 hours before the test is taken so that they all pass so that there’s no question she’s doing a good job and then she just does a bunch of propaganda. What’s the school? (interruption) You don’t want me to mention the school? (sigh) I do know the teacher’s name, but I will respect your wishes that the teacher not be identified on this program.


RUSH: I have to share a story with you. Now, you people who have kids in skrool, this may be common, but this is the first I’ve heard of it, because I do not have any crumb crunchers. I know people that do, but I’ve never heard this story. I mentioned recently on this program that Dawn, who transcribes the callers here for me in case I can’t hear them, bad accent, or connection, or what have you, she has a daughter, a junior in high school, she’s taking an American history class. And in this American history class no American history is taught. It’s current events with a liberal propaganda twist. The teacher in this class happened — ’til she got caught — happened to give the kids the questions and answers to tests 24 hours before the tests so that they would all pass. This was to provide cover for the teacher for those who supervised her. If they saw the test results of the kids in her class they would assume everything’s cool in there and not focus any attention on her. The reason that she was doing this, I’m guessing, based on the details of the story that I know, is that she’s really not teaching American history. She’s proselytizing in there; she’s propagandizing liberal agendas based on current news events.

The latest instance of this was today, where in this American history class — and it’s a two-hour class — this teacher, a female teacher, a female commie lib, was talking about the SCHIP program, in American history, and told the class — (asking Dawn) how many in this class? Do you have any idea? Is it the usual 30, 25, whatever? This teacher was telling the students in this class that Rush Limbaugh was attacking 12-year-old kids in the SCHIP program and was going on, and on, and on about how George W. Bush was not paying for it and kids weren’t going to get their health insurance and, therefore, weren’t going to get health coverage, and so forth, in an American history class. How do we know this? We know this because Dawn’s daughter was text messaging her from the classroom. (interruption) Well, I don’t care what’s against the rules. There’s a reason she’s texting you. She’s texting you because she knows what’s happening in this American history class is not right. ‘Mom, mom, the teacher’s bashing Rush today on this SCHIP program.’

So this is what I’m asking you parents, ‘Does this happen? Do you get texted or e-mailed from your kids in classroom telling you what the teachers are teaching them?’ In this case, Dawn’s daughter asked, ‘What do I say here? I know this teacher’s full of it. I know this isn’t right.’ This is like the 12th example of this kind of stuff. So the point is that Dawn, while working on this program, had to text message her daughter back the truth about the SCHIP program and this Graeme Frost kid and the fact that he was already covered under the program, he was not going to lose his health insurance or his health coverage. It was a Republican program started in 1997 that the president wanted to spend even more on it, just not to cover people who weren’t poor. So in this case the parent is teaching the student the truth while the class is going on because the teacher is spreading a liberal lie that is all out there thanks to Media Matters and so forth. This, of course, would never have happened in my day in school because we didn’t have cell phones, or texting, or any of that sort of thing, and it didn’t happen. Well, this kind of stuff didn’t happen, but, you know, students have always had complaints about teachers and go home, ‘Mommy.’ The difference then was if I went home and told my dad that some teacher was behaving in this way or that, my dad would say, ‘The teacher is right.’ The teacher was always right, the authority figure was always right, and I must be the one that was wrong.

So in this case, we know that this is a bunch of propaganda in an American history test. So somehow the principal of the school found out that the kids were getting the questions and answers 24 hours in advance, and you know what happened? Principal just said, ‘Well, you can’t do that anymore,’ to the teacher. So the teacher had to announce to the kids, ‘I can’t give you the questions and answers to the test anymore.’ Of course most of the kids got mad about it, kids being kids. Hell, if they’re going to get the answers to the tests freebie, take ’em. School’s just something to be endured. Dawn’s daughter engages in this in a much more serious manner. Is in there to actually learn and is being propagandized. So I guess the question — (interruption) what, Mr. Snerdley? Okay, oh, I see. I just learned something I didn’t know and that is that this is an honors class. The students in this class are at the top of the heap in terms of performance and grades. Look, I know what goes on in the classroom. I know that’s not uncommon, don’t misunderstand here.

What I’m asking you who have kids, do your kids text you during class to tell you what they’re being taught, outraged, and do you have to text ’em back the truth? It’s a great thing that we’re doing here today. I mean, we’re getting the truth to this young skull full of mush. (interruption) Dawn just said it’s a good thing she didn’t know how to text me or she’d be texting me in the middle of the program. We’re all multitasking. So anyway, it is amazing, the content of this so-called American history class. We know this kind of stuff goes on. We know liberals have taken over the school systems in many parts of the country. Not talking about that, I’m just talking about the texting back and forth from parent to child, where the child has to be told the truth by the parent in the midst of a lecture by the teacher, which is a crock.


RUSH: This is Janet in Baltimore. Hi, Janet. It’s nice to have you with us. This is one of my all-time favorite top-ten female names, by the way.

CALLER: And I have called your show three times (giggles) so this is a great day for me, and I have to tell you it was my daughter that insisted that I call you. You were talking about Dawn and Dawn’s daughter and whether or not this was very common. My daughter happened to be home sick today, and I said, ‘Mia, you have to come in and listen to what he’s saying.’ My daughter said, ‘Yeah mom, that’s happened. It happens all the time with us.’ So she insisted that I call you and tell you. Yes, many of — and I think it’s more common with girls because I have four children: two girls, two boys. It seems to be more common with girls than it is boys, where she’s very much letting me know what’s going on in class, what she’s being told, what she doesn’t agree with, um, speaking up and having her mom back her up with her views and what she thinks is the right way to do it. So…

RUSH: Cool. This is very cool. Why don’t…? Your sons just don’t care?

CALLER: Well, no. I think —

RUSH: They just want to get out of class? They’re not gonna —

CALLER: Yeah. Well, they’re not really paying attention that much, anyway.

RUSH: Right, right, right, yeah.

CALLER: They’re just there kinda doing their thing. They’re not really caring what’s going on.

RUSH: Right, right.

CALLER: Typical boys. But my daughter is very passionate about what they do. They’re really interested in learning — and my older daughter, who is, um, in college-level courses at one of the best universities in the state of Maryland, which I’m not going to mention, has even gone through the same thing — and she will text me and let me know what’s going on in her college classes because, of course, they all know that I listen to you, and I’ve got all the facts behind me. I know what’s going on.

RUSH: This is cool. I did not know. I hate to be abrupt here. I’ve got a what we call in inside broadcast circles a hard break, and I have to run here. I did not know this is going on as frequently as apparently it does, but this is terrific because it’s countering, at the same time, the BS in the classroom!

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