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RUSH: There was an impromptu dinner –well, it wasn’t an impromptu dinner, the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation does this every year. It’s not an official foundation dinner. It’s just a little meeting at Don Pepe’s out next to JFK, great little Italian restaurant out there. Dick Torykian puts this thing on every year and Jim Kallstrom, and they invite military buddies, some Secret Service agents were there, General Peter Pace, the former chief of staff, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman sat next to me at the dais and Jim Kallstrom was on the other side. What was sort of impromptu about this was that they gave me a first-time-ever award last night, and I can’t tell you what it was, and I can’t show it to you. Now, see, H.R. is in there doubting the fact — I can’t do this. H.R., if I put this on the Dittocam, that’s — (interruption) loosely describe it? Hmm. But loosely describing it doesn’t get anywhere near what it actually is. It’s a guy thing, folks. It involves brass and a pair, okay? (laughing) Snerdley, I’ll send you guys — I have a picture of it, took a picture of it last night when I got home with my iPhone. Can’t put it on the website. I mean, we could, but we have standards to maintain here on the EIB Network, but it was a hoot, it was just a great time last night. I want to thank everybody involved. The real big MC-LEF dinner is every April. It used to be at the Plaza before they shut that down to refurbish and remodel it. So it’s been at the Waldorf Hysteria the last couple years, but that’s the biggie, that’s the black tie. Everybody shows up in camouflage, black tie camouflage tuxedos.


RUSH: Here’s Kathy, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Nice that you called. I appreciate it. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Anytime.

CALLER: I have a really, really serious question for you. Are you still with me?

RUSH: Yeah, of course, yeah.

CALLER: Oh, I’m sorry. I thought I lost you. Since you’re not going to run for president, I was wondering if you knew if any of the Republican candidates have a set of brass ones like yours so they can stand up against the Democrats?

RUSH: Well, man. What a question! That’s a no-win question because, if I don’t say all of them, I got big problems.

CALLER: Oh. I need to know.

RUSH: Let’s see. Well, look, you have to think that you know at least a couple of them do, don’t you? When you look at that field is there anybody, based on what you’ve seen so far in the campaign that strikes you as having a brass pair?

CALLER: Well, yes, I think I’ve seen a couple of them with brass.

RUSH: (laughter) Folks, if you’re wondering why this has come up here, if you just joined — Kathy, I’m going to have to ponder this one, because you’re asking a very personal question, and I really haven’t seen up-close-and-personal whether or not this could possibly be true. Last night, the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation guys had a dinner, it’s not for the foundation, they just bring a bunch of supporters, and military people, and Marines, and federal law enforcement officers, and they do it every year toward the end of October, Don Pepe’s, which is out near JFK. So I flew into JFK from Florida yesterday afternoon and went over there. They started at 6 p.m. I got there about 6:30, 6:45 p.m. They had a big dais. Normally they don’t do a dais like this. Everybody finds a seat where they want to sit. It’s a very casual, roam around, grab something to eat and leave when you want to. This was a little bit more formal.

They gave a special prize last night, a special award, the first ever award that the MC-LEF has ever given, and I can’t show it to you. It’s a brass pair, but I’m not going to show it to you, and, well, it’s not just anatomically correct, it’s graphic. I would not dare show this, even on the website. People have suggested, ‘Why don’t you put it on the website and blue-dot it so just the…’ might do that. (laughing) But folks, it’s just like the other day when Snerdley put up the excrement call, we had to get rid of the call. I’m bringing it up because it’s — (interruption) Snerdley shouting over the IFB (laughter) I’m bringing it up because I have to draw an analogy here to the decorum, the class, and the quality of the program. Anyway, I mentioned this at the top of the program. Kathy is calling to ask. That’s why we didn’t bleep her reference to the brass pair, because I had already broken that ground earlier in the program.

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