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Rush’s Morning Update: Speak Up?
October 22, 2007

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After Congressman Fortney “Pete” Stark– Democrat, California– accused Republicans of sending our military to Iraq to “get their heads blown off” for President Bush’s “amusement”and accused our troops of “blowing up innocent people,” I made a prediction on the radio. I said that he wouldrespond to calls for an apology by launching yet another attack.

Do I know these liberals, folks? Within hours, when asked if he would take back any of his comments, Stark told KCBS: “Absolutely not. I may have dishonored the commander-in-chief, but I think he’s done pretty well to dishonor himself without any help from me.” He said the “real” dishonor is Republicans refusing to expand the S-CHIP program. That’s the program designed to provide health insurance to poor kids; Democrats wanted to include upper-middle-class kids.

So, a question now, folks: WillHarry Reid take to the Senate floor, letter in hand, calling Pete Stark “unpatriotic” and demanding he apologize? Will Dingy Harry find 40 Democrat senators to chastise Stark for defaming our military? Will Democrat candidates– Mrs.Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd– will they speak up?

Of course not, folks.Democrats won’t speak up while their front groups– like MoveOn.org, or Media Matters– impugn our generals, or smear private citizens who oppose their political views. Instead, they abuse their elective power to join their front groups in the “politics of personal destruction.” Democrats will tolerate Stark’s malicious slams on our militarybecause so many of them secretly agree with him –they just don’t have the guts to say so.

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