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RUSH: Tom in South Holland, Illinois, you’re next on Open Line Friday. Hello.


RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Great talk show host, great man, and a great American; it’s a real pleasure to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Two points I wanted to make, Rush. I work in the industrial trades where we encourage our men to come up with new and innovative ideas for strengthening our customers’ equipment when we’re working on it. And having done so, we always give credit where credit is due so that we can get more and fresh ideas from these men. Having said that, we think nothing is more vile or repugnant than somebody that would grab the credit for another man’s actions, which brings me to point number two. After hearing Harry Reid this morning, I immediately went to my industrial catalogs and started looking, and I found that even in the industrial section, we don’t make a wheelbarrow big enough to carry Harry Reid’s testicles.

RUSH: (laughter) Nor is Hillary’s lockbox large enough.

CALLER: Excellent. Excellent show, Rush, and it’s an excellent idea with a thousand dollars. And if that does come to fruition, I will be back on the phone.

RUSH: Well, thanks very much. What you’re saying is you’re upset that Reid tried to horn in on this at the very end and claim some credit for it, using the pronoun ‘we’ and this sort of thing?

CALLER: An employee like that, if he was mine, I would have brought him to the office, dressed him down, and told him, ‘One more infraction like that and you’re fired.’

RUSH: Well, look, there’s a way to translate. There’s three words that translate Harry Reid’s Senate floor speech at noon today. They are, ‘Rush, you win.’ He wants to be part of this; he wants to claim some partial credit. But he hasn’t apologized to me for this smear letter. If he wants to claim credit he’s gotta realize this was sold as an abuse of power, a smear letter written by him. He also has to know that I’ve matched this. I invited all these other senators who have the funds and the means to also match the high bid. Haven’t heard from any of them and I doubt that I will. So it’s fascinating to watch this. And, frankly, very unexpected, but now that it’s happened, I can’t say, given the way liberal Democrat politics is these days, that I’m surprised.

This is Mary in Las Vegas, you’re next on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hello?


CALLER: Good morning, Rush. I first of all have to tell you I am so nervous I can hardly breathe, but I just have such respect for you, and you’ve heard of the village idiot. I believe Nevada has its idiot, and that’s Harry Reid. He just constantly puts his foot in his mouth. And one thing that he says that just makes me cringe is when he makes the comments that you didn’t serve in the military. And I believe that God’s gifted everybody differently. And I believe you are using your gift that God has given you. I know you kind of, you know, in your — I forget exactly how it is you put it —

RUSH: Talent on loan —

CALLER: On loan from God.

RUSH: — from God-d.

CALLER: I do believe you are so talented in what you do. I grew up in a little farming community in central Illinois, so I basically kind of had conservative values anyway. But we moved to Las Vegas in ’78, and I’ve been listening to you almost since you were on the air, and I just am so much more conservative now than I was then, just because you’ve taught me to think things through and to look at things differently, you know, to not listen to the mainstream media and I just love you. You are like a highlight of my day. Just ask my husband. He’s made the comment before about how much I listen to Rush. But I do appreciate what you do.

RUSH: Well, thank you. Thanks again very much. I appreciate it. You know, that comment, Harry Reid mentioning I didn’t serve, this is another tactic, a neo-Stalinist tactic of the left. It’s sort of like political correctness. They’re trying to shut people up, and they do it in many ways. This latest technique — it’s really not that new — is, ‘Hey, you didn’t serve, you can’t discuss the military. You can’t debate the military budget, and you can’t have any thoughts on it. Where were you when you had a chance to kill commies? You were nowhere around.’ I don’t think Harry Reid served, either. But, of course, he will not deny himself the opportunity to declare defeat and wave the white flag when the surge has barely begun. So it’s a one-way street. Worse than the I-didn’t-serve comment was, he actually called me unpatriotic here. It’s the Democrats that are running around always screaming, ‘You can’t challenge my patriotism.’ But they are exempt from the very rules that they design for themselves. Be right back. Thank you again for the call, Mary. Sit tight, folks.


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