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RUSH: Folks, you know I always like to share some of these things going on in my life with you. I’m in a real dilemma here. You know, my fashionable, Upper East Side penthouse here in New York? I moved into it in 1995, and I have done nothing to it since. I’ve not upgraded any of the electronics. I’ve not redecorated, because I’m not here that much. I’m probably here a total of 20 working days every year. There are specific reasons for that, involving New York tax authorities. But the electronics in there are starting are to fall apart. We have a media room in there and we’ve got a 15-year-old rear projection TV, a piece of garbage now, compared to what’s out there, but it hasn’t worked in five years. No picture. You turn it on, and nothing. So I can’t watch it. So I gotta redo that room and take that TV outta there and replace it with some other kind of TV, even the rack and all the electronics. I’d have to redecorate the whole room. Well, I went to a sports bar to watch the Patriots and did the calculation yesterday. Yeah, I did, because I’ve got two TVs in the fashionable, Upper East Side apartment that work, and neither of them are high-definition. They’re little Sonys. (interruption) I don’t have a wife, and I have to leave home to watch football. Exactly right. Anyway, I’ve got these two little Sonys.

One is in the bedroom and the other was in my little study — and the one in the bedroom doesn’t have closed-captioning. I can’t watch television in bed anyway, so that’s out. I could have stayed in the study. But they’re starting to get lines in that TV. So I’m going to the whole thought of having to rip the place apart and put it back together. I can imagine just getting the phone calls from the contractors, ‘Mr. Limbaugh, we’re finding things here that we had no idea we’re going to find. That original bid that we gave you is no longer applicable, and we’ve got another six months for the project.’ Since I’m here so little, I haven’t taken the time to get this done, but I’m going to have to. But it just bugs me. It just makes me mad, because I’m not going to be able to shepherd the project myself. I can’t send Snerdley up to do it, ’cause he’s gotta screen calls when he gets back from his suspension. (interruption) Well, Stalin. Stalin is the bodyguard, the security chief. No, he would be the one to shepherd the project. Anyway, it’s a distraction, folks, and I’m a little distracted here today. It’s a good point. Having to leave home — and I’m not even married — to watch football on high-definition screen. A great time I had, but it’s still not the way it’s supposed to be.

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