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RUSH: Look, ladies and gentlemen, what I am doing for you. Not just for you, look at what I am doing for all of America. The phony soldiers smear has tied up the Senate for days. It has kept them distracted with me rather than figuring out ways to control you. By the way, how about this headline here in the New York Times — I’m going to take partial credit for this — ‘Democrats Seem Ready to Extend Wiretap Powers.’ Another disappointment for the lunatic fringe of the Democrat base. The Democrats in the Senate are going to sign on to spying on people outside the country, without warrants. (Laughing.) I got a whole series of stories on these types of Democrat caves and failures. So while I have kept the Senate occupied, particularly in leadership on the Democrat side, kept them distracted so they couldn’t come up with ways to control you, I am now for you and for all of America tying up Henry Waxman. Instead of him poking his nose into your business, he’s poking his nose into mine. And that, my friends, is true service, not just to you, but to the country at large.

The Nobel Peace Prize is going to be awarded this Friday, and it’s a close call, according to CNN, between Algore and me as to who will win the coveted peace prize. Well, there’s some Eskimo, too, that’s up for it, an Inuit tribe member is up for it, so there’s three of us, a close race, but the front-runners are considered to be Algore and me. Now, I might not win the prize, but they can never take this nomination away from me. They can never take that away from me. I might not win it, but I should. After the last ten days, folks, I should be the recipient of the Medal of Congressional Distraction. Here’s what CNN reported. This was Sunday, a couple days ago on This Week at War. The anchor, Tom Foreman, reported this.

FOREMAN: Quick question. What do Rush Limbaugh and Al Gore have in common? On Friday, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced. Among those nominated, former Vice President Al Gore and radio host Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: Yeah, baby. (laughing) Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, as reported by CNN. (laughing) All right. As I say, they can never, ever take this away from me.

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