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RUSH: This is Roseanne in Reidsville, North Carolina. Hi, Roseanne. It’s nice to have you on the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I want to tell you what Senator [sic] Waxman’s representative told me, and then I would like to tell you what I told him when he said something about the tone of the Internet. He told me that the senator’s position was not being represented correctly, that what the senator actually believed and what was being reported weren’t the same thing, which puts him in the same position you are in, doesn’t it?

RUSH: You mean Congressman Waxman?

CALLER: Yeah, congressman. Sorry.

RUSH: You called his office after you heard the report that he has assigned investigators to monitor me and Hannity and Levin and our shows for irregularities?

CALLER: Yes. I called him this morning and I asked him how he could make an attack on the conservative talk show hosts who aren’t telling me what to think, but instead they’re simply representing what I already think, and before I could say anything more, he interrupted me and told me that the congressman’s position was being misrepresented.

RUSH: The congressman’s position is being misrepresented?


RUSH: Uh, well. So your point is, well, they misrepresented my position, so the congressman and I are pretty much on the same page?

CALLER: Yes, but there was an oddity about the call. I was told to stick to the point, but I think this is kind of the point. There was an oddity to the call. I wanted to further explain. I wanted to hear an explanation. I wanted more, but… The man was very pleasant, and he was very kind, but he kept cutting me off. He didn’t explain anything, and when he said something about the tone of the Internet, it was odd because I felt like the call was being led.

RUSH: The tone of the Internet?

CALLER: Yes, sir — and then I hung up and then I called back after I reflected on it, and I said to him, I said, ‘Do you realize when you say ‘tone of the Internet,’ do you realize you can’t or shouldn’t regulate ‘tone’?’ And I said, ‘Do you realize that Hillary has always, as long as I can remember, attacked everything that I love and I believe in. If she had her own way, she’d wipe me and my kind off the face of the earth — and, sir, tone, passion, is one and the same,’ and I asked him to explain that to Mr. Waxman, that tone and passion, and that if somebody’s trying to bring you to extinction, you’re going to have passion.

RUSH: Well, you know, I don’t know how many people call Waxman’s office.

CALLER: Yesterday I couldn’t get through.

RUSH: Yeah, I’m sure, and I’m sure these guys had to devise a response, and they are probably tired, by the way, of taking all these calls, and that might have been why the representative working for Congressman Waxman was a little testy.

CALLER: No, he wasn’t. He was very nice.

RUSH: Yes, but you said he kept cutting you off —


RUSH: — and trying to make his points and so forth, because I’m sure he wanted to get on to the next call. But it’s interesting. The interesting thing that you point out that they say Congressman Waxman’s remarks were ‘misrepresented.’ He didn’t deny it, huh? Did the guy deny it, Roseanne? Or he just —

CALLER: He didn’t explain, Rush. He just left it at that. He just left it that the —

RUSH: Misrepresented.

CALLER: — congressman was being misrepresented, and the point that I asked him, if he would please make to the congressman was — I didn’t say it this way, but I’ll say it this way to you. Rush, I’m an ornery woman. You can’t put a thought in my head if I don’t already have it, and I know you know that about women, because you’ve made that very clear. You don’t put thoughts in my head. I have my thoughts. You voice my thoughts and you make me feel —

RUSH: Exactly!

CALLER: — like there’s a tomorrow.

RUSH: That’s one of the secrets of this program is, that I validate what people already think. You are not the mind-numbed robots in this society. It’s the Democrats who are mind-numbed robots and the kook-fringe base. They’re the ones that don’t want to think. They’re the ones that don’t think. They’re the ones that don’t want to be challenged on their preconceived little worldview for their own security. You’re exactly right.

CALLER: Last week, when Harry Reid took you out of context, my nine-year-old screamed from his 360, ‘That’s not what Rush said.’ My nine-year-old knew how to put you in context.

RUSH: That’s where they miscalculated. To attack me as being anti-military was a strategical blunder, totally, and the evidence here is a nine-year-old knew it. (A Rush baby, by the way.) Thanks, Roseanne. I appreciate it. Here’s the problem. This is the first call we’ve had from somebody who talked to somebody in Congressman Waxman’s office. So this is the first time I’ve heard that Congressman Waxman’s office is saying that the comments that Congressman Waxman made were misrepresented. But I gotta tell you something: I can’t afford to not take this seriously. Folks, I don’t want to be dramatic here, but this is really dangerous. This guy has 50 people, I’m told, on his staff doing all kinds of investigations. It’s what he lives to do. But this is a committee, the government oversight committee, which is supposed to monitor irregularities elsewhere in the government. To train these investigators on a private citizen and then call in somebody from a federal regulatory agency, the FCC, to discuss the Fairness Doctrine while monitoring hours and hours of broadcasts and transcripts for ‘irregularities,’ this is something we have to take very seriously.

You know, this could end up — if it actually happens — to Congressman Waxman taking action that would interrupt my ability to make a living, to fulfill contractual obligations that I have — which would make him subject to legal action. You know, we’re not just going to sit here and cower in fear over this. We’re going to alert as many people as possible that this is what is coming on a grand scale if these people prevail and are victorious in 2008, from the White House on down. This is how they deal with it. It’s in Saul Alinsky’s book, Hillary’s mentor. This is how they suppress the opposition. They don’t debate the opposition. They don’t try to win in the arena of ideas. They suppress opposing ideas, and destroy the people who are good at spreading the ideas and expressing them, and that’s what’s happening now. But when the full force — you know, it’s often been said that if the federal government takes you to court, you have no prayer but to settle because they’ve got unlimited money. If some US attorney wants to take you somewhere in a legal action, you can’t compete with them financially. Well, it’s the same thing here. The full force and power of the federal government in this case, a single United States congressman. So it has to be taken seriously. Can’t just slough this off. ‘Oh, he said he was misquoted? Oh, he was misrepresented? Oh, okay. Good! Good.’ I would like to be able to do that, but it would not be wise, and wise I am.


RUSH: Rose Marie, Staten Island, I’m glad you called. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush.


CALLER: I called Henry Waxman’s office first thing this morning, and I told him I wanted to ask a question. He said, ‘Okay.’ And I asked him if they believed in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and freedom of speech. He says to me, ‘Is this in reference to some talk show host?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘It’s a rumor. We’re trying to find out how it got started. It’s not true.’

RUSH: It’s a rumor?

CALLER: That’s what he told me. It’s a rumor.

RUSH: It’s a rumor, and they’re trying to track down the rumor and how it got started?


RUSH: Hmm. Well, it was in the American Spectator yesterday in a column called The Prowler. There were some quotes from Democrat staffers, unnamed, I think in the Senate — I’d have to look at that — who pretty much supported the notion that Congressman Waxman’s investigators are going to be pouring over transcripts, looking for any irregularities on this program and Sean Hannity’s and Mark Levin’s. Did you happen to believe this denial?


RUSH: That didn’t take you long.


RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: I wouldn’t believe anything they had to say.

RUSH: I love you. (laughing) A lot of good their office is doing, constituents — well, you’re not a constituent, because he’s from California, LA. Hollywood is one of his districts. He’s got a partner, Howard Berman, the Berman-Waxman California machine is well, well known. That’s great, Rose Marie, I appreciate that. Waxman’s office denies and says it’s a rumor. She didn’t believe it for a moment. Another caller today said they said that we’re misrepresented. They said it’s a rumor and that we’re trying to track it down, that it isn’t true. That is a denial.

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