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“You know, this cleavage thing with Hillary is much ado about nothing. I bet you Bill Richardson has more cleavage.”

“General Motors has swung a net profit of $891 million, or $1.56 a share on ‘strong automotive revenue in key markets.’ Now, what changed with General Motors? Well, they have become an official sponsor of the EIB Network, ladies and gentlemen.”

“There’s almost a mathematical formula to the war that I have detected: to the extent that we make progress, the Democrats’ political hopes are diminished.”

“Nothing that General Petraeus says in his September report will matter to Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid; their entire existence now depends on defeat. I mean that as seriously as I’ve ever meant anything I’ve said here before.”

“Who’s responsible for all this cleavage talk about Mrs. Clinton? She’s responsible for this because every day of her life she wears a Mao jacket.”

“This militant sect of Islam really believes that anybody who doesn’t believe the way they do is ordered to be killed by their God. It doesn’t matter whetheryou make dirty movies or not; they’re still going to kill you because you’re not one of them.”

“This was reported in a story at LiveScience.com: ‘237 Reasons to Have Sex.’ Folks, this is not that complicated. There’s basically one reason. Well, for me. Maybe two for some of you.”

“I know it’s going to distress many of you, but it has to be told: birds are beginning to act like liberals.Well, it says here birds are abandoning their eggs for the swinger lifestyle!”

“What does it matter that baby boomers are not saving enough money? We’re all going to die any second anyway! I mean, we have global warming out there, bowel cancer, guilt, and tainted meat pouring in from China!”

“The Hezbollah guys over in Gaza… they’re fully aware of stuff like the Disney characters, and so they turn Mickey Mouse into a suicide bomber for their kids as a role model.”

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