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RUSH: James in Manhattan, glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Why don’t we call a spade a spade and say that the Democrats are trying to re-create the Soviet Union? You know, you mentioned Waxman, socialized medicine, polluting young minds — à la, you know, George Orwell — and I think it was on Friday you were talking about how pediatricians in Massachusetts were interviewing children about the social habits of their parents.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Income redistribution, creating mediocrity and then total dependence.

RUSH: Well, the answer to the question — Why don’t we just say that they’re trying to re-create the old Soviet Union? — I don’t know that it would sell. You know, you want to persuade people.


RUSH: You have to understand that my perception is that a vast majority of the people of the United States of America will just never believe that there’s a political party that wants to establish a set of circumstances like Khrushchev and Brezhnev and the boys had in the Soviet Union, or that Erich Honecker had in East Germany. They just won’t want to believe it. That’s why all during the eighties and sixties and seventies, it was really not productive to call communists ‘communists,’ because people didn’t believe it was possible for communists to exist in this country. People don’t believe it’s possible. They don’t want to believe it, so they’ll tune it out. But I gotta tell you, there’s a bunch of communist parties in this country. They’re relatively small, but they’re all endorsing the Democrats.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: That’s one way of doing it, is to point out the communist parties in this country — the Communist Workers Party, the Socialist Workers Party, all these communist parties — guess who they’re endorsing? Hillary Clinton, or, in some cases, John Edwards. It doesn’t matter. But it’s always Democrats that they endorse.

CALLER: Well, that’s my point.

RUSH: Take a look at our enemies. Bin Laden and Ahmadinejad endorse Democrats. They use their talking points. Mind-boggling, is it not? Are the Democrats embarrassed by any of it? Hell no! They think half the country or more wants this kind of socialism.


RUSH: You know, I got some Democrats upset. I put a picture of Josef Stalin up on my website on Friday, because I’ve been calling these people neo-Stalinists in the way that they want to control everybody’s lives. ‘How dare you? How dare you!’ Somebody ought to say it. Somebody has to say it! Bob Beckel went nuts on television. ‘You gotta be careful about saying Stalinists out there. They killed 20 million people.’ No, the Stalinists didn’t kill anybody! Walter Duranty of the New York Times said they didn’t, and he got a Pulitzer Prize for it, which still stands. So according to some people, it never happened anyway. There are ways of accomplishing this without using a single word or two words like the ‘Soviet Union’ which would just repel people. It’s all about convincing and persuading, and let me tell you… How should I say this? Let me call ’em ‘acquaintances’ so you people don’t beat me up. I have several liberal acquaintances who over the past week witnessed this. They know me personally, and they’ve known me for a long, long time and they’ve known full well who I am. They saw this smear campaign. They saw the media surrounding it. They also saw the mainstream media.

You know, this is a key element here. People said, ‘How come the mainstream media didn’t pile on to this, Rush?’ You didn’t get NBC or ABC or CBS on it. You didn’t get the New York Times ’til the week after. You didn’t get the Washington Post on it. Why?’ Because they know it was BS. That’s why they didn’t jump. But that’s not the question. The question is, ‘Knowing that it was BS, why didn’t they write that?’ Where was the story, ‘Senate majority leader falsely accuses radio talk show host from floor of Senate’? Where was that story? It’s not there because the mainstream press is just waiting for the next little kerfuffle to come up here that they can jump on and get away with being credible on. Anyway, the story I was going to tell you is, a number of these liberals have seen what has happened in the past week, and it’s shaking their foundations. They didn’t think their people were capable of this kind of lying and character assassination. They thought that’s what we did, and they have told me they are questioning everything they have believed. It’s only three or four people, but they are questioning it. They started out, like liberals do, trying to equivocate it. ‘Well, you know, you have said some un…’ Wait a minute! Forget that. This is a lie. Forget this equivocation, will you? It’s the one thing about you libs that drives me nuts. We properly identify something you do, and you have to say, ‘Well, you did this and that.’

It’s not the point. This was an abject smear. Anyway, by the end of the week, these people all said, ‘You are making me question this. Knowing you is making me question everything I’ve believed,’ and the only reason they knew about it was because they know me. If they didn’t know me, they would have bought — hook, line, and sinker — everything that the left put out yesterday. Now, this, folks, is why, in an additional way, I am such a target, because now there are liberals who are seeing what their side does and how they do it. You gotta understand: Proud liberals really do buy all of the PR. They think they are better, they’re smarter, they’re nicer, they’re more compassionate, that they’re not bigoted, that they’re not racist. They’re none of those things. Now they see the people on their side of the aisle and the way they’re misreporting, misrepresenting, lying, even after getting the facts. I don’t know that they’re going to stop being liberals, but it has caused them to see something that they’ve never seen before, that they just accepted, which I was talking about at the beginning of the program. They just accept this stuff. They’re the mind-numbed robots. They don’t think about it. They’re so caught up in hating us and thinking we’re rotten to the core, while they are God’s gift to Creation, that none of this stuff permeates — ’til these people saw it firsthand. One of them even said, ‘I’m beginning to wonder about all this stuff they’ve told me about Bush.’ These are just anecdotal little stories. But don’t think that that’s not happening across a wider spectrum than just the people who know me personally.


RUSH: Travis, Washington, DC. Thanks for waiting, sir. You’re next.

CALLER: Thank you. Look at what Democrats and Congress have done over the past few years. First they investigated that conservative White House reporter Jeff Gannon after you mentioned him on your show and then drove Ken Tomlinson off the PBS board because he wanted to monitor PBS for political balance.

RUSH: Oh, that’s right, they did get rid of Ken Tomlinson. He wanted to do a study to find out if there’s too much liberalism on PBS, and you’re right, the libs were livid over that.

CALLER: Absolutely, drove him out of town.

RUSH: Yeah. See, that’s why we refer to these people as neo-Stalinists here. By the way, it’s their way or no other way. It’s not open for debate. They are not going to allow themselves to be challenged, especially by the truth. It ain’t going to happen, folks. We had a caller, I’ve been rethinking this, we had a caller in the previous half hour, last half hour, who suggested, why don’t we just say what’s going on here? He recounted some recent incidents. The Democrats are trying to resurrect the old Soviet Union. I said, ah, can’t do that because it would not be persuasive, too many people would not want to believe it. I got to thinking about there’s a whole generation of people out there that will not be scared by the mention of the Soviet Union because they don’t know what it was. They don’t know what the Soviet Union was. They don’t know how evil it was. They may know what it was, but they have not been told how evil it was. They don’t understand the threat to their lives. They think of the Soviet Union as Gorbachev. But, by the same token, referring to the Democrats as the next Soviet Union thus wouldn’t work. It’s not accurate enough.


RUSH: I’m sorry to make this personal, folks, but it’s perhaps the best teaching aide I have. I’ve recommended two or three times that you go out and rent a movie, The Lives of Others. It was the Academy Award-winning foreign language film at the last Epidemic Awards. It’s subtitled. It is made in Germany, and it’s about what life was like when East Germany was part of the Soviet bloc. Given the smear of me by Senator Reid and the amen chorus of those in the media and on the left that bought it hook, line, and sinker, knowing full well it was a lie, the news today that Henry Waxman is going to unleash a number of his staff investigators — he’s chairman of the House government oversight committee. I laugh at this, but there’s a part of me that just gets stunned when I hear that the chairman of the House oversight committee that provides oversight of government functions is going to train some of his investigative staff on a private citizen, a talk show host, for the advancement of his own political operations, and he is using a regulatory agency to come after me, the FCC. When I hear this, I have to tell you, I get stunned.

I can remember back very clearly, the Nixon days when they discovered his enemies list and how they were so fit to be tied in the Drive-By Media, that the president of the United States was doing research on members of the press and how this was intolerable and unacceptable. Then, after awhile, it became fashionable to be on the list. The idea here that this is happening really makes me want to recommend to you, if you haven’t done so, to go rent the movie. As I’ve said each time I’ve told you about, it’s R rated, there is some nudity in it. I’ve got some people disagreeing with me about this, by the way. I’ve said a number of times that the nudity is gratuitous, it’s not really necessary in the story. Some people say, ‘Yes, it is, Rush, because the nudity is being spied on, too, because the nudity is being used, the sexual activity is being spied on, videotaped, monitored. It is necessary, Rush.’ You don’t want your kids watching this. But it’s not for kids anyway. It’s a movie that you really ought to see, The Lives of Others, just go rent the thing, and understand that it’s an R, and it will show you what happens with totalitarian governments like those in East Germany and the Soviet Union and in Cuba today and places like Hugo Chavez and Venezuela.

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