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RUSH: I kind of glossed over this, but the phony soldier being discussed on this program since last Wednesday, Jesse MacBeth, was born as Jesse Al-Zaid in 1984. Now, he did something interesting in January of 2006. After he told all of these lies, after he lied about his Purple Heart — the guy never got out of boot camp. He washed out after 44 days. He was never a Green Beret, Special Ops, never anything, never went to Iraq. The whole thing was manufactured. Obviously, he had to do this on purpose with the intent of discrediting the US military. Now, these are the people, before they learn the truth, the Democrat Party embraces, sad to say. So he tells all these lies about all these soldiers that he saw hanging innocent civilians from the rafters of mosques and all this.

His words were spread all over the world on the Internet, they were translated into Arabic, and I’m assuming here that Al-Zaid is an Arabic name. So what we have here in the case of Jesse MacBeth, who, by the way, was originally embraced, he was like a hero to the anti-war left. They loved spreading the lies. Are there any retractions coming from them now? No. And there won’t be. The truth is inconvenient. It is fiction that propels the anti-war movement, ladies and gentlemen. But in January of 2006, he joined Iraq Veterans Against the War, and he was welcomed into this group. It should raise questions about the mission. The Jesse Al-Zaids of the world do not represent most vets and those serving now. So he joins this group, and they welcome him. I don’t know that he will ever be denounced by these guys.


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